Time Splitters 2


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ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure

Maximum Number of Players: 4


Product Title: Time Splitters 2

Manufacturer: Eidos

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Power Score: 4.6 | 6 Reviews

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My buddy and I played the co-op...

Strengths: Great graphics, fun co-op missions, cool weapons, and awesome characters.

Weakness: The game is nearly impossible to beat without a friend to help you, but it's fun! Difficulty keeps the game interesting, making it a definite purchase.

My buddy and I played the co-op game and it was amazing. I love the fact that you can create your own stages. This game never gets old! I would recommend this game to anyone that loves action, suspence, strategy, or just an all-out shoot em' up game.

By gamewinner111285 - Oct 16, 2003

I bought this game impulsively,...

Strengths: A lot of action, great weapons, creative scenarios. great multi player action.

Weakness: easy mode is EASY. Normal mode is way beyond easy. Sadly, You have to beat easy mode to play normal.

I bought this game impulsively, and by far and not disapointed. This is a hard action packed shoot'em up. The levels are completely unique. Keeps it interesting.
Great characters, Great team playing, Great gfx, great engine.

Definatley a buy!

By unixvillain - Jan 8, 2003

TimeSplitters 2

I was one of the lucky owners of a PS2 on the launch date of the system, and would have sold the darned thing due to a disappointing game lineup had it not been for the original Timesplitters title from Free Radical and Eidos. This game showed owners of the PS2 what the system could be capable of, and did a great job on lighting, gameplay, and overall enjoyment. Us gamers talked about what...
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By GameZone - Oct 24, 2002

TimeSplitters 2

The original TimeSplitters was released for the PlayStation 2 in late 2000 and was developed by Free Radical Design, a group of ex-Rare employees who had worked on the legendary GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. While TimeSplitters featured deathmatch action that pulled down the pants of GoldenEye's multiplayer mode and taunted it, the game's single-player mode was a slapdash affair,...
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By GameSpy - Oct 19, 2002

TimeSplitters 2

Although it's impossible to ever live up to the mythology created around a certain Nintendo 64 first-person shooter based on the James Bond license, Free Radical has the unenviable job of having to do just that. Split like rogue atoms from the cluster center of Rare, Free Radical burst onto the gaming scene in 2000 with a heritage in console first-person shooters and a name, though strange...
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By IGN.com - Oct 7, 2002

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