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It's quite apparent that ESPN NFL 2K5 is one of the most impressive football games anyone will experience. The visual splendor only scratches the surface on the most complete football video game package this year.

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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Game Genre: Sports


Product Title: ESPN NFL 2K5

Manufacturer: Sega

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Power Score: 4.7 | 19 Reviews

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Strengths: Graphics, Sound, Features, and the whole game

Weakness: Music (excluding custom soundtracks)

You can be any NFL team and you can create your own teams and players. You also get your own "Crib" and can customize it and buy accessories with "Crib Credits". There is also a Franchise mode where it's basically all custom. It's a very fun game! A great feature in the game is after you complete a season another season starts! It's a fun game. Another thing is there are cheats for it in case...
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By brent_da1man - Mar 28, 2006

great value

Strengths: equal to or better than madden for a fraction of the price

Weakness: gameplay takes a little getting used to

This game is by far a better value than Madden. It has all the polish in the gameplay, all the modes and then some, some interesting modes in its own right (ie the Crib and first person) and great graphics to boot, all for $20, less than half of the price of Madden. This is a great game wrapped up in a cheap package, and everyone should buy this to encourage more developers to price their games...
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By jeffblack12 - Aug 29, 2005


Strengths: Gameplay, Graphics, Custom Stadium Music, Crib Mode, Customizable Sliders

Weakness: Receiver tend to drop the ball a lot, Crowd can be a little off

The NFL 2K series has always been solid throughout the years. It can be argued that it has been a much better game than Madden. This year, not only does it crush Madden 05, but is much cheaper. ESPN NFL 2K5 is the best football game to date. It is just plain amazing how great this game is. It is truly a football fan dream come true. The gameplay is fantastic. It simple enough that a casual gamer...
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By silentassassin47 - Jul 21, 2005

Another year, another debate about...

Strengths: Slick ESPN presentation, cheap $20 MSRP, great graphics, custom soundtracks, 16:9, 480p.

Weakness: Feels less like simulation and more like an arcade game, NOT Madden.

Another year, another debate about which football game is better. I think this is the first year that Visual Concepts has given Madden a good run for their money. In many ways, ESPN is superior to Madden and I feel most casual football fans will enjoy this game more because it's so much more accessible and easier to pick up and play. While there a lot of animations, they don't seem to link...
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By sabin23 - Jun 26, 2005

This year Sega did the...

Strengths: Great price ($20!!), great graphics for a football game, great gameplay, XBOX LIVE, cool Half Time presentation, custom soundtracks

Weakness: Commentary can get annoying because they repeat the same things over and over

This year Sega did the extraordinary thing every sports fan didn't thought could happen, they released a game for just $20!! ESPN NFL 2K5 is great in every way! Great price, great graphics, great gameplay, great Xbox Live play, and a very cool Half Time presentation! There are some weak points, such as the commentary can get annoying at some times because they repeat the same things over and...
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By RiCeBoi - Jun 22, 2005

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