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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Game Genre: Sports

Maximum Number of Players: 4


Product Title: NBA 2K3 Xbox

Power Score: 3.8 | 8 Reviews

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Strengths: 1) Good graphics and player models/animations 2) Opponent and teammate AI is impressive

Weakness: 1) Weak and repetitive commentary

NBA 2K3 is a respectable basketball game for the XBOX. I was impresed by the character models and animations, as well as the ball physics and realistic interactions with the hoop. There are plenty of options for game types with Franchise and Street as well as traditional gameplay. Since newer versions came come out you should be able to get this one very inexpensively and it will provide you with...
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By cotebryan - Jan 31, 2006

I can dribble.

Strengths: Overall decent graphics, about as good as similar titles and easy to use controls.

Weakness: Poor AI, some camera issues.

Overall this is a good basketball game that anyone with interest can get into. I have always found Saga sports titles to be better than EA titles, and this is not exception. The game offers several modes of play, standard in most sports games, such as career and season modes. My favorite mode is "Street" mode, plus I like the option to set-up differenet weather conditions. Probalby the biggest...
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By fever - Sep 24, 2005

NBA 2K3 for the Microsoft Xbox

Strengths: + Impressive graphics for the time it was released + Great and funny commentary

Weakness: - Very dated now

NBA 2K3 for the Microsoft Xbox can be found for very cheap, and that's about what it's worth. It's not a bad games by any means, especially if you don't have the money to spend on the latest version of the game. It's just that, after about 3 years, the rosters are VERY outdated and the lack of online play just sucks. I would only recommend this game if you see it for a few bucks and need a quick...
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By Biglesworth23 - Aug 8, 2005

The street mode to this game is...

Strengths: Good graphics

Weakness: None that I can think of

The street mode to this game is pretty cool. It's improved from 2002, a LOT. The graphics are great, and the controls work REALLY well with the Xbox controller. The AI in this game was noticebly better than most basketball games I've played lately.

By Alive741 - Jun 26, 2005

Sega Sports(tm) NBA 2K3

Finding a good basketball simulation the last few years has been harder than controlling Latrell Sprewell’s punch-first-ask-questions-later anger. Most games played like a lawless streetball game, press the crossover button, blow by your defender, and tear down the rim with a backboard-shattering dunk. Fast breaks happened with more frequency than an NBA player arrested for a DUI, and the...
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By GameZone - Oct 29, 2002

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