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ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure


Product Title: Silent Hill 2

Manufacturer: Konami

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Power Score: 4.6 | 9 Reviews

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Another Masterpiece

Strengths: Very Scary game - spooky foggy atmospheric environment - great storyline

Weakness: Camera view can lack at times

After playing the original , this game was a must-have. The story is as follows : Your character gets a letter from his wife - only she is dead. This takes you on the road to Silent Hill where you find terror incarnate. You face horrifying monsters and a number of puzzles on your journey to find the source of the letter. Those that have seen the recent movie will recognize some of the creatures...
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By Pookymeister - May 7, 2006

Story Driven Horror Game

Strengths: Excellent story with multiple endings.

Weakness: Gameplay can be on the weak side, because of the somewhat lackluster combat.

Sequel to one of my most favorite games of all-time. The player controls the character named James Sunderland. Responding to a letter from his wife, he's come to the town of Silent Hill. Only problem is she died 3 years ago. You don't need to have played the first Silent Hill at all to enjoy this game. The only thing Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 2 share, as far as the story is concerned, is the...
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By OpTiMaLhUnTeR - Apr 25, 2006

An excellent horror game

Strengths: Great creey atmosphere

Weakness: Frustrating puzzles

Silent Hill 2 is an excellent scary game that replies on bizarre and disturbing factors for its horror. It has a very creepy atmosphere that works very well in this genre of games. The storyline is well written and can be deeper than one would initially think. The frustration in this game is the puzzles, which can be very difficult to solve. They can literally get you stuck in the game, until you...
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By keelie - Apr 19, 2006

Silent Hill 2

Strengths: Horror game with a creepy atmosphere

Weakness: Combat system and hard puzzles

Silent Hill 2 is a horror themed game with a creepy atmosphere. It is truly one of the best horror games. The story is deep and creepy, and makes you come back for more. The only flaw in the game is that the puzzles can be frustratingly difficult. The combat can be lame and hard to control. Nevertheless, if you are into horror movie and such, this game is certainly a must try.

By eau697 - Apr 18, 2006

The best in the series.

Strengths: Creepy atmosphere, excellent story that keeps you thinking, replay value.

Weakness: Controls.

Silent Hill 2 is my personal favorite in the Silent Hill series. Every aspect of this game flows together perfectly to provide a memorable experience that will have you guessing and keep you coming back for more. The game features many endings, that will keep seasoned veterans satisfied for quite a while. The creepy atmosphere from Silent Hill 1 is greatly expanded upon in this sequel. Other...
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By berserker_kev - Sep 11, 2005

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