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In Suikoden III, it's up to you to save the world from destruction. The kingdom of Zexen and the Grasslands are at war. Use the unique Trinity Sight System to view the field from 3 perspectives. Each character has unique abilities and it will take them all to triumph. You can recruit more than 100 characters to help you in your fight. House them in fortresses that you build from the ground up.

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ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure

Maximum Number of Players: 1


Product Title: Suikoden 3

Manufacturer: Konami

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Power Score: 4.2 | 18 Reviews

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Product Reviews (16)

3D makes games worse

Strengths: The name "Suikoden"

Weakness: Doesn't live up to the name

The series lost a lot from the transition to 3D. By losing a lot I mean it lost a lot of the fun. It's an all right RPG, but not Suikoden II caliber by far. The music is all right, but overall the experience wasn't that great. There are much better RPGs that deserve your time for the PS2.

By swordity - Oct 8, 2005

Good RPG

Strengths: Very good storyline and fairly lengthy game

Weakness: Dated graphics

The Suikoden series is something of a cult classic among gamers. Suikoden 3 adds to its reputation. While the graphics are nothing spectacular, the gameplay and storyline make it a worthwhile addition to any gamers library. The trinity sight system (TSS) is unique to RPGs (at least to me) and makes the gaming experience unique while one collects the 108 stars of destiny. Overall, it is a very...
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By dshadow1 - Sep 25, 2005

Suikoden III

Strengths: Deep, emotional storyline, huge amount of gameplay time, many playable characters

Weakness: Dated graphics, music, no voiceovers, not a pick up and play title

Suikoden III is different from traditional RPG storylines in its use of the "Trinity Sight System", allowing for the Suiko-world to be viewed from different perspectives. The graphics, simple as they are, still allow for a great variety of emotions, and the turn-based battle system is quickly learned even by newcomers. There are many mini-games and side quests as you try to recruit all of the...
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By tumbenhaur - Sep 19, 2005

Suikoden 3

Strengths: Anime graphics, gameplay, controls, extras, storyline

Weakness: Lack of in-game music

Suikoden 3 is an excellent sequel to an already amazing RPG. The game starts you off in control of 3 characters, each with their own storyline. Eventually, these storylines cross paths and lead to a bigger involvement in the overall story. The graphical cutscenes are amazing as they use anime style graphics to tell the story. The gameplay is also top notch and it involves strategy elements. Also,...
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By galvatron2k1 - Jul 30, 2005

Sometimes 2D is better than 3D

Strengths: + nice character designs

Weakness: - hardly any music, enemies, exploration - decent graphics but definitely lacks detail or flair

Suikoden 3 is a decent rpg. It doesn't live up to the previous Suikoden games and is flat in execution. The character and town designs are great. Looking at the artwork and from the intro movie, each character is highly detailed and individualized. But once the game starts the 3D models just don't have the same flair. Everything seems to be made out of solid colors and there aren't many textures...
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By jngx80 - Jul 27, 2005

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