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Set in China, the Dynasty Warriors 5 is an action game based on the Chinese novel Romance Of The Th, Dynasty Warriors 5, 040198001410, KOEI Corporation, Sony PlayStation 2, T - Teen, Action, Action, Adventure, Third Person, 2005, PS2G-040198001410, 00141

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ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure

Maximum Number of Players: 2


Product Title: Dynasty Warriors 5

Manufacturer: Koei

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Power Score: 3.9 | 19 Reviews

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Dynasty Warriors 5

Strengths: all of tha really cool poeple to play they have like 50 to play.

Weakness: nothing

all of the poeple have thier own attacks so I play each of them I would recommend it to anyone who likes these kind of fighting games whoever gets this game get the others first.

By anonymous; - May 3, 2006

Another addition to Dynasty Warriors series

Strengths: Great graphic details! More characters to choose from! More maps and detailed environments! More weapons with different attributes to enhance players' characters! Included few fun mini-games!

Weakness: Based on history, story lines remain relatively unchanged, which made game repetitive. Bodyguard system is not as good as before. Characters have to be unlocked before using them. Poor voice over.

Fifth installment of Dynasty Warriors game released in US and fourth one that is presented on PS2. The graphic details have been improved over previous games in the series without major slow downs. There are more characters available to choose from, even those that are previously unavailable for story mode are possible for use this time. The only down side is that it gets tedious trying to unlock...
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By drakula - Mar 27, 2006

Dynasty Warriors 5

Strengths: Pretty characters, Nice graphics, More hack and slash action!

Weakness: Similar to the other Dynasty Warriors game

Like the previous Dynasty Warrior games, this is a hack and slash game with large levels and lots of enemies to destroy. The graphics and sound are really nice compared to the older games in the series. The story is OK. The game is fun to play with friends and is rather difficult on the hardest setting. Overall a fun game that will consume hours of your time. A must have if you are a fan of hack...
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By Ayako_Mono - Jan 31, 2006

Good but boring after a while

Strengths: Non stop action, huge fighting scenes, never ending enemies

Weakness: Kind of repetitive after a while

I would rent this game rather than own it. The gameplay is exellent and challenging but after a while, everything seems repetitive. If you played the first few episodes, this is going to be deja vu for you. So, buy if you are a first timer but rent if you have played other DW games.

By chowminglee - Jan 31, 2006

A fun hack/slash

Strengths: Play as one of 48 characters, perform some cool combo attacks, and search for hidden weapons.

Weakness: In order to see the full story, you have to play as each of the 48 characters... that's a lot of playing time!

Let me start off by saying this is the first Dynasty Warriors game I have played. That being said, I had a lot of fun with this title. The point of the game is to choose your starting character and then change the tide of war as you fight through hoards of armies, taking out captains, officers, and other important figures. You get to have a bodyguard to help you fight as you conquer evrything in...
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By Jammerdez1 - Jan 17, 2006

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