Xbox 659556602307 Gaming Console

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Device Type: Gaming Console


Product Title: Xbox 659556602307 Gaming Console

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Power Score: 4.1 | 86 Reviews

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Strengths: built in memory awesome online play the duke controller is the best great graphics and games

Weakness: none

this is a great game system. it blows ps2 and gamecube out of the water. why? you may be wondering. well for starters in has 50000+ memory already stored into it so no wasting money in memory cards. reason 2 the oringal controller that came with it (duke) was the best in my opnion. i really hate the s. anywat 3 great game library plus fps are great on this platform. 4 awesome online play so what...
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By anonymous; - Jul 22, 2006

I like the XBOX game system. I...

Strengths: Graphics, controls, hard drive, versatility

Weakness: The fact that it isn't being made anymore

I like the XBOX game system. I like it better than the PS2 for the graphics, the controls, and the hard drive so that I am able to save my games without haveing to get a memory card. I also have a PS2 and after trying it for a week I put it back in the box and shoved it in the closet. This is my third XBOX if that tells you anything. I also use it as my DVD & CD players. They just came out with...
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By RanBenny - May 22, 2006


Strengths: The xbox is everything the PS2 is not. It has an Hard Drive you will never fill in your life time and the DVD Remote is not a big thing. The countrolers are fine if your not a little girl.

Weakness: No Dial Up. LOL

I have had an xbox longer then anyone here and i can say truely that it is the best system since playsation. sony will never be able to top xbox.

By anonymous; - Mar 7, 2006

Great system, but has some problems

Strengths: Great graphics, sound and gameplay. No extra memory required (unlike PS2) with a massive hard drive built right in.

Weakness: Several issues with freezing and not being able to read game discs properly.

There are some great games for Xbox now that it has had a chance to get a foothold in the video game market. Although it's kind of bulky and not eye appealing, it has great graphics and sound with awesome gameplay. The biggest issue new buyers should be aware of is that certain games (such as ESPN NFL 2K5 and NCAA Football 06) will freeze and say "There is a problem with the disc; it may be dirty...
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By vyakkund - Jan 19, 2006

X box is awesome...but it stops working!!!

Strengths: The x box is the best system i have ever had. Ive had it for 4 years and i still have 50,000+ memory left

Weakness: it stops working after awhile

The xbox is a great system ...ive had it for about 4 years, but now whenever i put a game in it gives me the "this disk is dirty or damaged". So I bought crash tag team racing, and burnout 3 brand new..i popped in burnout 3, and it wont let me play it..its not the disk cuzz it is brand overall the xbox is great but i dont know if other peoples xbox has done this ...soooo uhhhhh ya..i...
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By bbp019 - Dec 27, 2005

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