uDraw Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat


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Unleashed the power of the pen in Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat! The uDraw GameTablet is the newest way to fight against evil! Draw directly into the game world to perform awesome attacks complete unique puzzles an turn the tide against Doctor Doom and his evil minions. Hero up with 10 playable Squaddies including Thor Captain America Iron Man Wolverine and for the first time ever Squirrel Girl! The battle lines are drawn in Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic for uDraw available this holiday on all 3 uDraw platforms! Draw Fight Win!. Unleash the power of the pen using the uDraw stylus to draw and sketch attacks!. Hero up as 10 different Marvel heroes as you battle Dr. Doom and his evil cohorts!. Use new hero abilities unique to uDraw including Earthquake (tablet tilt) and Zipper Rift (touch activated). Navigate through 6 comic book issues each based in Super Hero City including: The Helicarrier Baxter Building The Vault and Sanctum Sanctorum!. Collect and earn hero points ink meter upgrades costumes and more!. Platform: XBOX 360. Genre: Action/Adventure (VG).


Product Title: uDraw Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat

Manufacturer: THQ

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