XBox Live Gold Membership 3 Month Subscription Card

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Experience the best in gaming and entertainment with Xbox LIVE Gold. Raise the curtain on your own instant movie night with thousands of HD movies and TV episodes streamed instantly from Netflix. (Netflix membership sold separately). Invite friends all over the world to connect, cheer and play online multiplayer games. And as a Gold member, you' ll enjoy exclusive Deals of the Week that save you money and special sneak-peak game demos that give you early access to the newest and latest.


Product Title: XBox Live Gold Membership 3 Month Subscription Card

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Lowest Price: $19.11 from

Power Score: 4.6 | 5 Reviews

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Great Gift

I gave this to my brother so he had extra months playing for his online games. Great gift idea for online gamers. Shipped quickly.

By TraceyLA on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2008

Xbox 360 Live 3-Month Gold Card

Strengths: Ease of Use

Weakness: None

The Xbox 360 Live 3-month gold card is a great alternative for people who would rather not use their credit card, or for parents who don't want to give out their credit card info on xbox live servers. The points cards are great also for this matter if you wish to get stuff from Xbox 360 live marketplace.

By kbrbandit - Jan 9, 2008

3 Month Live Card

Strengths: Gold Live membership

Weakness: Little pricey

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Live 3 month card is not a bad purchase if you are looking to experiment with Microsoft's Live service. This service allows you to download demos, themes, movies, TV shows and more. For $19.99, it is a bit costly, but not a bad investment if you are curious about what Live is and what it has to offer. If you are just renewing your membership, I would suggest going for the...
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By thebob101 - Sep 21, 2007

Xbox live

Strengths: incredible online gaming experience

Weakness: You need microsoft points to get stuff from live's marketplace.

Got this card to renew my current account and it worked great. It is a great alternative for people without a credit card and you can renew at your pace, without getting charges to your credit card.

By SiriuslyShady - Jun 2, 2007

Xbox live Gold 3 month card

Strengths: Online play is usually lag free, Xbox Liver marketplace is awesome, internet service superior to Sony’s.

Weakness: You have to pay to play online!!!! But in the end you’re getting a better online experience because of this.

Yes, it stinks that you have to play to play online but you are getting your money’s worth if you play often enough. Games (like Call of Duty 3) are usually lag free depending on the host. The overall experience is better than playing on a PC in my opinion. Highly recommended.

By yophoto91 - Apr 6, 2007

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