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By now you've already heard how Xbox 360 puts you at the center of the most powerful games on the planet, hence the "360," as in 360 degrees (geometry students will recognize that as the number of degrees in a circle). To accomplish this feat, Microsoft has brought together a full circle of powerful factors.

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Device Type: Gaming Console


Product Title: Xbox 360 White 20GB Console

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Power Score: 4.0 | 73 Reviews

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Great system

Strengths: XBL, Games library, HD gaming (1080p), Online marketplace has great stuff ;)

Weakness: the 33% failure rates (well I am not one of them w00t falcon chip), Accesories cost a fortune, you don't get much for your money vs. the dollar per dollar profit on a ps3.

Well aside from the failure rates, I am a happy camper. love the games and fun with multiplayer in XBL. Only strong point against ps3 because psn has bad integrity but sill love both systems.

By anik360 - Jul 9, 2008

Xbox 360 Premium (component version)

Strengths: Large game library available, good controller feel, nice interface, great online community.

Weakness: Huge power brick, loud, overheats easily.

Even though I'm a fairly hardcore gamer, I'd say this console has definitely not won many points with me since I've owned it (or, maybe, it's pwned me?!?!). I love the huge library of games, the integration with games with the well-thought-out online community (Xbox Live!), and the feel of the controllers. I hate the heating issues with this thing, though. I'm currently on my 2nd XB360 (I sent...
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By rbc24123 - Nov 27, 2007

Great System

Strengths: online multiplayer and online multimedia, 3 year warranty

Weakness: Loud when in use

I had an original Xbox and got into the online multiplayer. This is what makes the system great and better than the other two systems. Chatting is simple to use. You can chat with friends or family, even if they are playing a different game. You can also video chat with the optional camera. I play my 360 through my 22 inch HD viewsonic computer moniter. The HD graphics are incredible and is the...
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By anonymous; - Nov 20, 2007

Xbox 360 Premium

Strengths: Works. All pieces included. Arrived early(to fedex' credit). Shipping was free.

Weakness: Not quite in like new condition, a little dirty, nothing permanent looking though, and it didnt red ring of death right outta the box.... wait thats not a weakness. :(

Overall, I am very pleased with the order, I was scared due to reading some of the bad comments after placing the order, but luckily mine isn't one of them. Even if the system fails after a week or so, it is still under MS warranty so I'm not sweating... just enjoying my new excuse to wake up more than 20 minutes before work. :)

By m0h3k4n - Sep 29, 2007

Great system with a few flaws.

Strengths: Great graphics, sound quality, xbox live, awesome library of games.

Weakness: The three flashing rings of death, console crashed 3 months after purchasing, can cost up to $120 to fix.

I purchased the xbox 360 last november, and when I hooked it up to play my copy of elder scrolls: oblivion, I was blown away. I thought the sound quality, graphics, and gameplay were awesome. However 3 months later, I tried to start up my xbox 360, three flashing red lights appeared. I was pissed. I tried calling xbox customer service and they said that they would send a shipment box to send my...
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By anonymous; - Aug 25, 2007

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