Guitar Hero II X-plorer Controller for Xbox 360


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Strap on your Guitar Hero X-plorer Controller, plug it in, and crank it up! The Guitar Hero X-plorer Controller feels just like a real guitar, making it the ultimate way to jam on your Xbox 360. With the Guitar Hero X-plorer Controller, you turn into a rock star every time you play Guitar Hero!

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Device Type: Controller


Product Title: Guitar Hero II X-plorer Controller for Xbox 360

Manufacturer: Activision

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Power Score: 4.2 | 4 Reviews

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my guitar

Strengths: the shape is great

Weakness: the buttons go in too far

the guitar is great for guitar hero 2 but not 3 the songs in 3 are harder than 3 by far the wammy isnt used very much by me at all

By anonymous; - Dec 16, 2008

Great Guitar for Late Night Jam Sessions

Strengths: Good look and feel, feels durable

Weakness: Wired controller

Personally I prefer the X-plorer to the wireless Les Paul guitar. This thing is a blast to play with. Guitar works right out of the box with Xbox 360 and PC platforms. The fret buttons are a little further apart than I would have liked. Some people may prefer the wireless version, but it

By estefon33 - Jan 1, 2008

Wired Gutiar Hero Controller for Xbox 360

Strengths: Easy to connect. Dependable. Doesn't need batteries.

Weakness: It's not wireless

Needed another controller for the Guitar Hero 3 and they are not selling the wireless ones seperately yet. Would rather have wireless; but if only one of the two you use with a friend is wired, it's ok. This one seems as well built as the one's for the PS2 but the new wireless ones are much nicer. When compared side by side; this one does not seem as sturdy as the new wireless; but that is not...
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By davepacman - Dec 26, 2007

Riff-tastic! Chord-ariffic!

Strengths: Solid construction and good size.

Weakness: Cord could be longer

Overall a good controller. It is big enough to be comfortable for a grown man but is still manageable for a child. I do wish they would include a cord extension with it. A wireless version would be excellent!

By Azamar - Jul 6, 2007

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