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Forget the small fortune you're spending on batteries, or the annoying knot of wires that you have to keep untangling, power up your Wii controllers and DSi/DSi XL using non-contact induction charging technology. Using the Dual Induction Charge Station from CTA Digital you just place up to 2 Wii remotes (with or without Motion Plus adapters connected) on the magnetic charging cradles and place your DSi/DSi XL system on the charging pad below and you're good to go. The LED lights let you know when you're charge is complete, and the stand keeps you organized in style. While other chargers typically require you to keep your controllers plugged into the system, and manage cords that only get in the way, the Dual Induction Station from CTA Digital makes all that a thing of the past.


Product Title: Digital Induction Charger

Manufacturer: CTA

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