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Mario returns and takes his next adventure into space. Follow him as he travels from planet to planet bending the rules of gravity. Players experience perspective shifts as they run upside down through alien worlds. Meet challenges like surfing on a ray in an ocean in the clouds, rolling a ball through a treacherous garden, or floating in a bubble over a poisonous swamp. Control Mario with the Wii Remote and use the Nunchuk to perform his special moves. A special co-op function allows a second player to collect star bits for Mario or take care of enemies in his way. This title also includes opportunities to change Mario into a Boo or a bee.

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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure

Release Date: 2007-11-12


Product Title: Super Mario Galaxy

Manufacturer: Nintendo

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Power Score: 4.9 | 34 Reviews

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Strengths: able to walk around and collect stars easy, good graphics, lots of fun

Weakness: Hard to get to multiplayer

this game is VERY fun! I enjoyed playing it and didn't get bored at all! Your able to attack evil creatures, collect stars, meet Toad and his friends, and more! This game has a lot to explore! Good to buy I recommend this game to you!!

By DSplayerYoshi - Jun 12, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy

Strengths: Awesome gameplay, worlds, characters, visuals, puzzles.

Weakness: Fairly easy. Camera angles are not always good.

I have been a fan of the Super Mario franchise from the begining with Super Mario Brothers all the way through Super Mario 64. I have not played Super Mario Sunshine so for me Super Mario Galaxy was essentially the sequel to Mario 64, which was a ground-breaking game. Fortunately SM Galaxy is very similar to SM 64 and that is a good thing. The story as always is well constructed and almost...
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By anonymous; - Apr 11, 2008

Not Quite My Thing

Strengths: Music, visuals

Weakness: Too easy

I enjoyed previous Mario games but this one didn't really do it for me. The presentation is fantastic with a wonderful soundtrack and beautitul visuals, and the game is polished like no other, but the gameplay leaves a bit to be desired. The platforming in this game is nearly all super simple and super easy. It really lacks a challenge. Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube, while a very flawed game,...
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By Schwowsers - Mar 11, 2008

Best Mario ever

Strengths: Stellar platforming

Weakness: Too restrictive with new costumes

Mario Galaxy is the Mario game everyone has been waiting for. For some, it will be the best Mario game in 10 years (Mario 64). For others, the best in 20 years (SMB3). For others, the best ever. While I haven't yet made up my mind, no platforming or Mario fan should pass this game up. Combining brilliant platforming with 3D spherical worlds, you have a new twist on an old genre, complete with new...
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By botticus - Mar 11, 2008

Mario Galaxy Review

Strengths: Very fun classic Mario gameplay

Weakness: Camera can be a little awkward

Mario Galaxy is the next game in the famous Mario series, one of the best out there. Mario Galaxy takes the next step in platformer gaming, as it takes place is space on spherical worlds. This is a very unique idea and Nintendo pulled it off greatly. Nintendo did just a marvelous job on this game, and the only real fault is that the camera can sometimes be a little annoying, but for the most...
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By edhoo - Mar 5, 2008

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