Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition


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Resident Evil 4 now comes to the Wii with added Wii Remote controller support, allowing players to aim, fire, slash and avoid oncoming adversaries with intuitive motions and movements.

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ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)

Game Genre: First Person Shooter

Release Date: 2007-6-20

Maximum Number of Players: 1


Product Title: Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

Manufacturer: Capcom

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Power Score: 4.6 | 36 Reviews

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Strengths: It is good for those gamers who love shooting games and want to very play a game that is where you make the decisions for the game.

Weakness: NONE

I borroed this game and want to buy, I recamened this game for all you gamers who like action, do not shoot on a rampage on this game, you dont have umlimited amo.

By anonymous; - Dec 16, 2008

my son's favorite game

Strengths: fast paced,great graphics

Weakness: this game could have another level.

This is my son's favorite game. He has 9 now so that means something. He is 13. He will play this for hours. I don't play but I get a minute by minute update from him. He gets so excited. He likes the fact that he gets to play hero and save the girl.

By csawyer717 - Dec 27, 2007

One of the best games of all time just got better

Strengths: The best game of the last generation, improved!

Weakness: None?

Resident Evil 4 will be remembered as one of the finer games ever released. Originally available on the GameCube, it was ported to the PS2 with additional modes. Now on the Wii, the best of the GameCube version (graphics) and the PS2 version (extras) have been combined into the definitive version with one additional enhancement - controls. The aiming via pointing is a fantastic improvement over...
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By botticus - Oct 5, 2007

Evil's New Face

Strengths: Over-the-shoulder perspective, fun gameplay, nice graphics (for the time), and sound. Wiimote aiming.

Weakness: Graphics might turn some people off that are picky about such things. Sound is Dolby Pro Logic only, and not true surround sound.

This is the version of Resident Evil 4 to own. This version benefits from the Gamecube's better visuals while containing the Playstation 2's extra content. The Wii Edition also supports widescreen, which previously only the Playstation 2 version supported. The wiimote makes aiming weapons much easier than using analog sticks, but for those that still prefer standard controls, the Classic...
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By OpTiMaLhUnTeR - Sep 30, 2007

Good action, but not for casual gamers

Strengths: Intuitive and imaginative control scheme, Intense action, Lots of bonuses and extras, Bargain price

Weakness: Inane plotting, occasionally tedious gameplay

Having never played this game when it was released for Gamecube or PS2, I was very much looking forward to trying it on the Wii. After playing through the main game and most of the bonus missions, I can say its status as one of the best action games yet made is well deserved. That said, anyone who has picked up a Wii for casual gaming is likely to find RE4 tedious and frustrating. This is a game...
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By justin_roman - Sep 29, 2007

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