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nyko charge station for the wii

Strengths: build quality looks top notched, the rubber grips on the back covers help tremendously, especially if you dont want to put a rubber skin over the entire controller. Matches the wii nicely.

Weakness: contacts are weak with a strap. no usb charging- it needs an extra wall outlet

the build quality of the nyko is top notch. The batteries and cover fit perfectly to the back of the controller as tehy shoudl. Also the rubber grips are very handy when trying to kick some butt on wii sports. The only downside of the charge station is that, wiht the strp on teh remote, the contacts on the charge station are weak and sometimes spotty. removing the strap alleviates this problem, though. Other than that you need an extra wall outlet. I wish they would have utilized the empty usb ports on the wii. Other than that it's a great product. thumbs up!

By nyching30 - Jul 25, 2007

Piece of Junk and a Waste of Money

Strengths: Concept is excellent--rechargeable batteries and a convenient base charging station.

Weakness: Batteries don't make proper connection with the controller leads--the controller either simply won't turn on or turns off sporadically.

I was excited to receive this product, given the positive reviews on this site. However, I was extremely disappointed with it. Functionality started out innocently, as the batteries charged without issue. However, when I tried to use the controllers, I found that I couldn't even turn them on. I took a look at how the batteries made contact with the leads on the controller, and I found that the contact made is simply insufficient to make the connection. I found that if I pressed down on the battery (pressing towards the leads on the controller), the controller DID recognize the battery and was powered. Obviously, this isn't practical, as there's no realistic way to keep the battery depressed while playing. I tried to make a minor modification to the battery, inserting an extra piece of plastic to press the battery down, but the battery became warmer than normal (nixing this solution).

I have discontinued use of this product--it simply DOESN'T WORK!!

By the way, I have two controllers, bought at different times from different stores, so I have to believe the Nyko product is the defective link in the chain, not the controllers.

By bballcards - Jul 6, 2007

Works great, well supported by vendor

Strengths: Keeps the controllers charged up Better than other battery solutions or disposable batteries.

Weakness: Minor problem with contact but was fixed by vendor

This worked great for a few months and then I had a problem with one of the controller's batteries. It wouldn't charge up or stay lit up when on the charger. I called the company, they took the item back no questions asked (the battery that is) and sent out another replacement very quickly. I was impressed that the turn around time to get a replacement battery was so short.

By adehart - Sep 30, 2008

Two Things at Once

Strengths: Can charge two remotes at once; form factor; works with guitar hero 3 controller

Weakness: Requires another wall outlet

This thing is great simply because it can charge two Wii remotes simultaneously. Also, the battery cover has a nice form factor--it really doesn't add much thickness over the standard Wii battery cover. I like that the remote still fits in the Guitar Hero 3 guitar controller. The only drawback is that it requires another outlet--it would have been nice if it would have plugged into the Wii via USB or some other way. Also, I've heard that some Wii Remote Jackets won't work with these Nyko battery covers.

By hetch - Nov 6, 2007

Nyko Charge Station for Wii

Strengths: Saves batteries for your power hungry Wiimotes, matches styling of Wii, grippy cover great for gameplay.

Weakness: Doesn't work with skins, the presence of the Wiimote strap can make contact with terminals a little tricky.

If you've got a Wii, you need to get some form of rechargeable batteries for your Wiimotes. What's nice about this option over standard rechargable AA batteries is that you don't have to remove the battery pack from your Wiimote when you are ready to charge.

The holder provides a convenient place to store your Wiimotes after you are done playing, and charge light lets you know when the battery is fully charged.

The grippy rubber backing of the battery cover is very nice -- the stand comes with two batteries and two covers that are grey.

You can buy additional batteries for your other Wiimotes - these come in a variety of colors (See Nyko website for colors available).

The strap on the Wiimote needs to be fussed with a little to get the Wiimote to sit straight in the charger and allow it to make contact with the charging terminals. It sounds worse than it is.

I like this model better than the Joytech Power Station for a couple reasons:

1. The Joytech model has a special power plug that connects to your Wii, meaning you have to keep the charge station near your Wii. The Nyko charger plugs into any AC outlet.
2. The battery for the Nyko charger is separate from the cover. The Joytech charger has the battery integrated with the cover, meaning you have to sync your remote (for new remotes) to the Wii with regular batteries before switching to the rechargeable Joytech battery pack.

By shuksan_05 - Oct 21, 2007

Must Have for any WII owners!!

Strengths: Matches the look of the wii console perfectly. No more buying batteries.

Weakness: Only weakness I can think of is that it doesn't work with any of the skins.

I purchased the Nyko Charge Station because I was tired of going through batteries so quickly. As many of you know, the wiimote has a tendency to eat up batteries.

I chose the Nyko, because I liked the way it matched the wii console. It's also great that it comes with an ac adapter, so I can place it anywhere to charge.

I have read reviews that said people were having a hard time placing the wiimote on the charging station, and not having the contacts touch. Personally, I have NEVER had this problem. I just put the wiimotes on the station, and it charges the first time, every time.

By dkt919 - Oct 20, 2007

Wii Charger is great

Strengths: -long lasting -better grip -convenient

Weakness: -hard to make contact -only holds two

The Wii charger is awesome. Its a life saver! Much cheaper than using AA batteries, and it lasts for a long time. When you aren't playing, just pop it back in the charge unit and come back and play more! i give it a 4.5/5 stars!

By eriklim - Oct 17, 2007

Wii Charger is great

Strengths: -long lasting -better grip -convenient

Weakness: -hard to make contact -only holds two

The wii charger is awesome. Its a life saver! Much cheaper than using AA batteries, and it lasts for a long time. When you aren't playing, just pop it back in the charge unit and come back and play more! i give it a 4.5/5 stars!

By eriklim - Oct 17, 2007

Better than batteries

Strengths: Never need batteries again. Keeps charge well, easy to transport in bag.

Weakness: connection is variable, not secure, can't put skins on

Overall good product if you don't like changing batteries. It keeps charge pretty well, and doesn't run out after 4 hours. The contacts are fragile and don't make good contact at times. The leash can get in the way of placement. Overall, good product.

By sniper4hir - Sep 29, 2007

NYKO charge station

Strengths: Keeps wii remotes organized and charged all the times

Weakness: Because you need to replace the battery and cover, it will no longer fit inside the sports accessories

This is a great product to keep both the wii remotes charged and also to keep the wii remotes nicely stored. Unfortuntely the only drawback is if you would like to use the sport back add ons to the wii remotes, you will need to remove the rechargable batteries and the covers and replace them with the originals.

By aramirez - Sep 23, 2007

Works Great

Strengths: Charges fast, keeps remotes organized

Weakness: Blue charging light can be distracting

I couldn't find a definitive answer anywhere online but you can definitely recharge the wii remotes without having to take off the wrist straps. The grips on the remotes feel great too. This is an excellent charger and I'd recommend it to anyone

By nsyv - Aug 8, 2007

great charger

Strengths: works great

Weakness: only 2 stations?

this is a great charger. i have read concerns on forums about people having different types of wii chargers that won't charge unless its seated in perfectly, but this one doesn't have that problem. i can leave the wrist strap attached and it will still charge. the battery lasts pretty long too.

By gqvisionz - Aug 7, 2007

Ready on demand!

Strengths: Exact replacement of original. Nice rubber material feels good and provides excellent grip. No need to worry about batteries running low.

Weakness: Possible long term memory effect on rechargeable batteries. Sometimes need to fiddle with placement so that remotes make contact with terminals.

We purchased this unit right after we received the Wii and have been very satisfied with the performance. It comes with the rechargeable batteries and two new battery covers with holes for the contacts on the batteries. The covers have a rubberized material that gives you more grip than the factory covers. An additional advantage to using the Nyko unit is you always know where the remotes are rather than having to search for them every time you want to play a game. I am a bit concerned about memory effect on the batteries from constantly recharging them, but the cost of this unit is so reasonable that it's not that big of a deal. Overall, I suggest that you purchase this unit for your Wii, you won't regret it.

By myonlysunshine - Aug 1, 2007

Must Have Wii Accessory

Strengths: no more buying batteries, no more replacing batteries, comes with 2 remotes, can use 1 remote while charging the other remote, superior grip of the remotes

Weakness: none so far

this is one accessory for the Wii Video Game System that everyone must have, it takes the pain of replacing the batteries on the remote, it comes with 2 remotes so you can use 1 remote while charging the other remote, plus you can charge both remotes at the same time if needed, truly a great accessory to purchase

By bnm - Jul 18, 2007

Wii Charging Station

Strengths: Recharging your Wii remotes.

Weakness: None

I have two bases and I haven't had any of the problems like the ones that others have listed. The only problem that may exist is the wrist strap sort of gets in the way when charging on the base. I like the fact that the under carriage has the rubber grip, it helps when playing. I think this product is great. I would recommend it to anyone who has the Wii.

By sfinley - Jul 7, 2007

Nyko Charge Station for Wii

Strengths: (1) Good quality, long-lasting batteries (2) solid construction (3) Rubberized grip is preferable to standard Wii remote battery cover

Weakness: (1) Can not use with Wii remote skins unless you remove the skin each time you need to charge

The Nyko Charge Station for Wii is a great accessory and the best solution for rechargeable batteries for Wii remotes. The charging station looks good next to your Wii and the batteries are well made and long-lasting. The rubberized grips are also preferable to the factory shipped Wii remote battery covers. The only downside to choosing this accessory is that you cannot use any of the silocone Wii remote skins (available for purchase separately) with it. I tried cutting/altering the skin so the charging input would be accessible but the skins add just enough extra girth so that the Wii remote will not dock in the charger. That's the only downside but I really liked and will miss the feel/grip of my Wii remote skins!

By cotebryan - Jun 21, 2007

One of the Best Wii Accessories!

Strengths: Practical, Long Lasting Charges, Differentiate Remotes from Friends' Remotes

Weakness: None

This is one of the best investments on Wii accessories. You can expect hours of continuous play time everytime you pick up a fully charged remote from the station. The rubber cover/grip provides a better feel/grip of the remote and it helps to differentiate your remotes from your friends. Highly recommended.

By jghf - Jun 10, 2007

A MUST have item

Strengths: Easy to setup, a fully charged remote every time you start playing. Charge 2 remotes at the same time.

Weakness: None

This is a must have for any one that owns a wii. IT can charge 2 remotes at a time and once you are done playing put it back, it charges again and the next time you use it it is fully charged.

A must have product!

By jollyguy23 - May 24, 2007

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