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Featuring a compact design that makes it a natural addition to any television setup, the Wii console is white in color and can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. The Wii console communicates wirelessly with the Internet via IEEE 802.11 or a Wii LAN Adapter. Wii also can connect wirelessly with Nintendo DS. The Wii is backward-compatible to all Nintendo GameCube games and includes four ports for controllers and two slots for memory cards.

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Device Type: Console


Product Title: Wii White Console

Manufacturer: Nintendo

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Power Score: 4.4 | 142 Reviews

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Strengths: I really can't think of any compared to other consoles

Weakness: not 720 or 1080 for HDTV

Save up and get a Playstation 3. Better all around and in 1080 for your HDTV. This game is fine if you are old and can't get out or a kid that knows their is nothing out there better in a console

By anonymous; - Dec 18, 2009


Strengths: works great

Weakness: limits of current technology

This has to be the best gaming console that I have ever seen. I almost can't wait to see what the next generation product is going to look like. If this is anything to go by, cutting edge won't describe it accurately enough.

By thejgg - Aug 14, 2009

Wii Console

Strengths: Great system, very interactive

Weakness: Some of the games are more for children, but they have a lot of adult games too.

The Wii is great console for all ages. It's very active and it feels like you actually doing the games instead of just holding a controller in your hand

By anonymous; - Feb 10, 2009

Awesome game system

Strengths: Easy set up

Weakness: Should come with multiple controllers

The Wii is very entertaining and easy to use. The idea that you have to get out of the chair and actually do something to play is awesome. The boxing will give you a good workout in a short amount of time. They really should include two controllers to make playing with a friend easier.

By tloitz10 - Jan 20, 2009

wii funnest thing best thing for christmas

Strengths: very active for kids.

Weakness: nothing besides were the strap so the remote doesnt break your T.V

The wii very good for young kids and family actiity, you and your family will have a great time on this wonderful spectrum it is spectacular and it has many features on there that you can do it is very cool i would gte it for your kids or someone for a family or something for x-mas or b-day or some holiday or gift its very good and i recomend it. BUY IT!!!!

By 202088 - Dec 17, 2008

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