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Nintendo Wii Points CardPopular games for a plethora ofgaming platforms are now more poised for greatness than ever before. Accessing downloadable extra content and features with your Wii Points Card is as easy as entering the unique code onto your Wii onscreen menu. This impressive points system grantsyou access to bonus material in some of the greatest games from Nintendo, Sega Genesis and more. The Wii Points Card is the tip of the iceberg.Worth a whopping 2,000 points, the Wii Points Card offers you plenty of opportunities to get the bonus content you want without incurring a lot of additional costs. Each card contains a scratch-off patchconcealing your code to prevent unlawful use or duplication. Redeeming your Wii Points only requires a few simple steps, so you can get gaming in a snap. Features:* Enter your Wii Points card code at the Wii onscreen menu to download content and extra features * Access some of the greatest games for the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 consoles * Scratch-off patch conceals code for protection * Worth a total of 2,000 usable Wii Points * Points are quick and easy to redeem


Product Title: Wii Points Card

Manufacturer: Nintendo

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Power Score: 4.2 | 17 Reviews

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I love these =)

Strengths: Really easy to use and there are at least 100 games you can get

Weakness: nothing

I got my first as a gift from a friend and I got cool games the moment I went back to my wii
Later though, I got them www.gaminglagoon.com/?... for free

By anonymous; - Apr 13, 2008

Turn your dollars into points easily.

Strengths: Works just as advertised. Good alternative for those that don't like using credit cards.

Weakness: Stores tend to overcharge for these points. Flimsy plastic card.

The Wii's virtual console arrived and instead of taking real money, Nintendo wants you to buy these points to use in their Wii Shop to buy classic games to play on your Wii. It's a pretty simple package and concept: scrape off the silver area on the back and enter the code to add Wii points to your Wii account. Unfortunately, the card itself is just flimsy plastic that isn't like any normal...
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By CrashSpyro123 - May 25, 2007

Wii points

Strengths: Good for gifts

Buying game gifts can be pretty difficult. It turns out kids are pretty particular about which brand controllers, which games, etc. Actually, everybody is particular about everything which is probably why gift cards are so popular now. The Wii points card is good for that, and allows purchase of download games. For example, the classic N64 Mario Kart game can be purchased online using the Wii and...
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By tslee - May 24, 2007

Wii Points card

Strengths: Convenient and possibly cheaper way to get Nintendo Virtual Console games on your Wii system

Weakness: Typing in codes can be a pain

In order to purchase downloadable content on the Nintendo Wii system (which as of now only consists of Virtual Console games - games for older Nintendo and Sega systems, mostly, like Star Fox 64, Super Mario World, etc) you need to use "points". The points can then be exchanged for NES games (typically 500 points), Super Nintendo games (800 points), Nintendo 64 games (1000 points), and a few...
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By mj_f - May 24, 2007

Does what its suppose to

Strengths: helps keep my credit card number from another company's hand, doesnt expire

Weakness: no cash value, will not be replaced if lost

Well the Wii points card lets me buy software for the Nintendo Wii Virtual console without giving them my actual credit card number, which is a plus. Also you can sometimes find these on sale which is great so your not actually paying the real face value of the card. Wish they made cards available in a value other than 2000 points. Be careful, there are no security or scratch pins on the cards,...
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By neuromix - Apr 29, 2007

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