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The Wii Remote is the primary Wii controller, which allows for point-and-click-style game play. It's also motion-sensitive, letting you twist, lunge, tilt, and lift your way to gaming greatness. A rumble device and a built-in speaker offer feedback.

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Device Type: Controller


Product Title: Wii Remote Control

Manufacturer: Nintendo

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The Nintendo Wii is a great family...

Strengths: Adds a needed player option for my Nintendo Wii, we don't have to swap controllers between players. Controllers are strong, and can stand a lot of abuse.

Weakness: You need to order replacement straps from Nintendo, the stronger ones are free, but you do have to order them for new controllers since they do not come with them.

The Nintendo Wii is a great family game platform, it brings my family all together to play and have fun with each other. The added dimension of an extra controller makes multiplayer games more fun, and less hassle, since you need to strap the controller to your wrist. I have 5 controllers now, and two machines, so everyone can play when they want to play. I highly recommend purchasing extra...
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By Ishtar1957 - Apr 4, 2007

A new generation of gaming

Strengths: innovative, interacts with the wii in terms of motion, light and easy to use

Weakness: Sensitive and sometimes can't lock on to your orientation of a swing.

The Wii mote or Wii Controller is fun and innovative. i am currently playing rayman and wii sports and most of the games have been fun and easy to play with the new remote control style. One thing i found hard was during one of the games pointing the wii controller at the screen and punching in numbers or letters was hard to hit. This is my only gripe. The wii uses accelerometers to measure the...
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By Your Headphone Wizard - Dec 22, 2006

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