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Hook the Nunchuk up to your Wii Remote controller via the external extension connector for even more flexibility in compatible games. The Nunchuk has similar motion-sensing technology to the Wii Remote controller, along with two buttons and a Control Stick. This allows you to move characters around while performing more specific actions with the Wii Remote controller.

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Device Type: Gaming Pad


Product Title: RVLAFW NunChuck Game Pad

Manufacturer: Nintendo

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Power Score: 4.6 | 7 Reviews

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nice try

Strengths: improves fun and game possibilities

Weakness: weak sensors, cable to wii-mote

this joystick is fun, it opens up a lot of potential for movement on games. even though it is small and makes your thumb shaky on the joystick (which takes time to adjust to), it really opens the door for new game possibilities. on the other side, the nunchuk has to be connected to the wii-mote through a cable that I think is pretty short and often gets on the way. the giro sensor is also not as...
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By ct_leblan_csmrprts - Jul 8, 2008


Strengths: A perfect complement for the Wiimote. Light weight, good cord size and very clean, thin and fits nice into your hand.

Weakness: Depends on the wiimote to play, still use cords, few buttons.

The nunchucm controller is the perfect option for nintendo wii players. It is small, very thin and can fit incredible fine into your hands. Definatly worth to buy! Good thing to do is try to get some package and buy it with the wiimote, otherwise it might get a bit expensive.

By razor85 - Apr 17, 2007


good good amasing asowme nothing else like it unbeliveable amasing control helpful for wii boxing will help in other amasing wii agmes like wii play i suggest you getone right away

By anonymous; - Feb 15, 2007

wii nunchuck controller rocks

Strengths: it rocks with its pad and two buttons

Weakness: its small

i think the wii nunchuck controller is the next best thing to the remote controller, but the classic controller is a pretty close third, in all, the Wii totally rocks

By anonymous; - Feb 12, 2007


Strengths: grip

Weakness: handle and size

the nunchuk is good in many was but bad if you are look for the right fit for you hand or to get it to keep the grip when you are sweating

By anonymous; - Feb 7, 2007

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