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Release Date: 2005-3-24


Product Title: Ridge Racer

Manufacturer: Namco Bandai

Power Score: 4.5 | 18 Reviews

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Flashy and accessible but not very deep

Strengths: Good-looking, high-speed fun. Unlockable bonus content.

Weakness: Playing the same handful of tracks gets repetitive.

Whenever Sony releases a new console, you can be sure Namco will be there with a new version of its Ridge Racer franchise. This edition is almost like a best-of pack, consisting of graphically-updated tracks from the past four versions of the game. It's not just a rehash, however, as they've also added a new Nitro-boosting feature. The name of the game is drifting. Throw your car into a corner...
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By dafunkk12 - Oct 28, 2005

Ridge Racer PSP

Strengths: Excellent hand-held racer

Weakness: A bit difficult

Ridge Racer was the first normal racer (the non-normal one being Wipeout Pure) that I got for my PSP, and still the best. Ridge Racer is a fairly simple racer - the key to winning is to try to hug corners and avoid crashing. However, there are two 'tricks' that must be used to advance in the game - drifting and nitrous. Drifting allows you to slide through turns without slowing down. Drifting...
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By mojave - Oct 20, 2005

Ridge Racer - now on PSP!

Strengths: *incredible graphics* - *replayablility* - *great sound*

Weakness: *Can be hard at times using the PSP analog stick*

Ridge Racer is a staple of Sony's Playstation line of consoles - so there was no surprise it was released on PSP. Having played the others, I recognize some of the tracks. The classic tracks as well as a few new ones were added for this title. Gameplay wise, this incarnation of Ridge Racer puts more emphasis on the 'drift' ability. That is, taking turns by drifting your car will earn you Nitro...
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By Pookymeister - Aug 23, 2005

Ridge Racer PSP

Strengths: Graphics, Game Play, Variety of Tracks & Races

Weakness: Wish online was via intenet and not local

Ridge Racer for the PSP is one of the few must own games out for the PSP. It provides a nice blend of graphics and racing in an addictive fashing that makes you not want to put it down until you clear the level and get a new car. The drifting system takes a while to get used to, but once you do the game provides a lot of fun. The game is a little price at $40, but if you're only going to get 1...
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By mick16 - Aug 22, 2005

Solid but not perfect racer

Strengths: Great graphics, Unlockables, Soundtrack

Weakness: Unlicensed cars, Drift system, Computer AI, Analog Control

If you've played any previous ridge racers then you have an idea of what this game is about--This is an arcade racer and not a simulation like Gran Turismo. It runs at a smooth and crisp 60 FPS. As a tweak to previous games in the series, Namco has added Nitro boost. It is accumulated after performing drifts, 180s and the like. When I first played with the analog stick I felt I had no control....
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By cruzincontrol - Jul 31, 2005

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