Square Enix Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Zack dreams of becoming a hero. In pursuit of genesis, a mysteriously disappeared soldier first class, he will discover The Shinra company's true motives, and the truth behind the heroes he reveres.


Product Title: Square Enix Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Manufacturer: Enix

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Power Score: 4.6 | 21 Reviews

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Flashback and cue the exposition

Strengths: Innovative DMW system, unbelievable FMV cutscenes, great storyline

Weakness: There really were none

Many of us gamers cut our teeth on Square's Final Fantasy VII when it came out on the Playstation. In fact, the existence of that game was the main reason I bought a playstation in the first place. Now, decades after the fact, Square has returned to its most successful franchise to fill in some of the story gaps in the original. Let me say right from the start that FF: Crisis Core is stunning....
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By henwy - Aug 23, 2008


Strengths: graphics, music, cut scenes

Weakness: long and deep, not much suited for short periods of play

One of the best looking games on the PSP. It’s amazing what they’ve done with this title’s graphics and content. I’ve only just started the game and it’s been great so far. It’s not quite as “tough” as previous FF titles (less random battles/level grinding) which is fine with me. I’ve been turned of in the past with FF titles constant random battles and grinding. As I’ve...
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By bob330i - Aug 15, 2008

A true Final Fantasy game has finally arrived on the PSP

Strengths: Great graphics, cut scenes and traditional Final Fantasy Score.

Weakness: Mission Repetition, Action RPG gameplay instead of traditional FFVII turn based system.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core tells the back story of the characters that we have come to know and love from Final Fantasy VII. It is amazing what they were able to pull off graphically on the PSP in Crisis Core. Many might be disappointed with the Action RPG fighting style instead of Turn Based like original Final Fantasy VII but it does fit with the story and makes you feel like you have more...
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By 0wen - Aug 11, 2008

A trip down memory lane.

Strengths: Looks great. Good story. Good gameplay.

Weakness: A little quirky.

Crisis Core is a great game, but it has some quirks. The graphics look great and the story is a great throwback to the original Final Fantasy 7. The story is great, plenty of gameplay, good combat, and looks great. Overall, it's great, but I had a buddy who was turned off by some of the systems. There are some quirks to leveling and a few other things that some may not like. But I thought it was...
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By Admiral_Ackbar - Aug 3, 2008

Awesome game

Strengths: amazing graphics for psp, fun gameplay

Weakness: some randomness in the battles

The long awaited return to the Final Fantasy 7 universe. It's what fans have been waiting for and this game doesn't disappoint. Rather than being a RPG this game takes on an action RPG format similar to the Kingdom Hearts series also from Square. You play as Zack, who is a character you meet earlier, making this game a prequel. The action is fast and in real time and you take on enemies face to...
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By evophile - Jul 28, 2008

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