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To meet the expectations of numerous motor racing fans, Thrustmaster is launching the TH8 RS a high-end, separate and versatile gearbox. The device's two configurations H-pattern and sequential enable drivers to select their favorite driving style.Some virtual drivers cannot imagine shifting speeds otherwise than with a specific gearbox. With the TH8 RS, which boasts unrivalled technical innovations supported by pending patent applications, Thrustmaster now offers a device that is realistic enough to satisfy even the most demanding drivers.At first glance, the TH8 RS looks realistic enough to be fitted to a real car. It features a 13 cm (5.12 in.) tall stick with a removable knob; the stick is compatible with real-life universal gear shift knobs. The TH8 RS includes two interchangeable shift plates, each suited to a specific configuration H-pattern (7 gears plus 1 reverse gear) and Sequential (pull the lever towards the + mark to gear up, and push it towards the - mark to gear down).


Product Title: Gaming Gear Shifter

Manufacturer: Guillemot/Hercules

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