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Learn more about MLB 07: The Show. (Flash demo) SynopsisYou step back into the batter's box and take a deep breath, clutching the bat in your sweaty hands. You're up to bat for the first time in the Big Leagues, and you're in a full count. The man glaring at you from the mound is someone whose baseball cards you used to trade; now, he's channeling his signature 98-mph fastball directly at you. The next pitch could determine whether you'll be taking a plane to Boston or riding a bus to Toledo. The pitcher winds up and launches one low and away. Will you belt it over the centerfield wall, or will you and your dreams go down swinging? MLB 07: The Show steps up its game with the innovative Road to The Show career mode that lets you fast-forward and play from the player's perspective for every at-bat and defensive play as you rise through the ranks and into the Big Leagues. Adaptive Pitching Intelligence (API) allows you to shake off the catcher or to trust that the calls he makes are based on batter tendencies and your strengths as a pitcher. Online League Play lets you construct leagues with up to 30 teams, complete with stats tracking, point benefits and full customization.


Product Title: MLB 07: The Show - PRE-OWNED - PlayStation 2

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