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Super Monkey Ball Deluxe features more than 300 different stages. The developers took all 114 levels from the original Super Monkey Ball, 140 from Super Monkey Ball 2, and added 46 exclusive boards made specifically for the PS2/Xbox Deluxe edition. There is also an all-new Challenge mode that slowly guides players through beginner, intermediate, and advanced obstacles instead of dividing the difficulty settings into different sections.

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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Game Genre: Puzzle

Maximum Number of Players: 4


Product Title: Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

Manufacturer: Sega

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Power Score: 4.3 | 6 Reviews

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Super Monkey Ball is a bargain!

Strengths: Several forms of gameplay: mini-games, multi-player, puzzles Hours of fun

Weakness: Puzzle mode is only one player, have to take turns

This game is great, one of my favorites. It is easy enough for everyone to play but not too easy. There are multi-player games, mini-games, and puzzles so it is hours of fun. Also, the puzzle mode is fun to play several times since you won't steer the ball the same way twice. This is a great game to play with others at parties, taking turns on puzzle modes and mini games. Trying to steer the ball...
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By mmd616 - Sep 24, 2008

More fun than a ball of monkeys.

Strengths: A massive number of boards, a new challenge mode, and lots of insanely fun party games.

Weakness: Frequent but short load times and some slight frame rate issues.

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for PS2 is a simple puzzle game in which you guide a monkey in a sphere through an obstacle course by using the analog stick to tilt the board beneath it. Collecting bananas and finishing in record time increases your score. Be careful though, if your monkey rolls off the edge you have to start over. The game is simple but very challenging. With all the best levels from...
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By bignate52 - Apr 28, 2008

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

Knocking previous Monkey Balls together produces the 800lb. gorilla of action-puzzle games.
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By GameSpy - Mar 14, 2005

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

Some of the best games are also the most simple and when a title has tight enough gameplay it can be based around almost anything, even a group of monkey heroes that travel in translucent spheres. Hence the success of Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, a title that is both accessible and challenging with a wacky style that is sure to put a smile on the most jaded gamer's face.
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By - Mar 9, 2005

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS rating of 3.17 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #1,826 game of all time, #57 game of 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and #373 PlayStation 2 game of all time. The rating and ranking is based on an average of 42 critic scores, awards and other criteria. To see a breakdown of the game ranking, read individual critic reviews, or see how other games...
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By - Mar 17, 2008

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