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REVOLUTIONARY TO THE MAX! Straight from the arcades, DDRMAX Dance Dance RevolutionTM debuts on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Step into the spotlight and put your skills to the test as you move to the groove. Experience maximum dancing with all-new songs and game modes, high-energy pulsating music and stunning graphics. The evolution of the revolution awaits you!


Product Title: DDRMAX Dance Dance RevolutionTM

Manufacturer: Konami

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Power Score: 4.1 | 18 Reviews

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another good ddr game

Strengths: same great gameplay, good songs, mission mode, eyetoy support

Weakness: still mostly the same as previous ddr games

If you don't have any Dance Dance Revolution games, there's no reason why you shouldn't start out with this one. It's got good songs and the gameplay we've come to know and love. It does add a little bit to the series, though. It has a mission mode (I don't think this was in any previous games, but I could be wrong). It helps to make the gameplay a little more interesting, giving you certain...
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By bis22 - Mar 31, 2006

rock away!!

Weakness: can't find one!!!

This game offers great selection of songs, idols, play levels, and great features to allow one to customize a character. The longer you play, the more characters that will be unlocked and make available. It is an alternative tool to exercise if you don’t like going to the gym!

By chami - Mar 22, 2006

DDR Extreme

Strengths: Fun music game, lots of songs, EyeToy interaction

Weakness: Extremely difficult, EyeToy can be frustrating

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme is the third game in the series on the Playstation 2. This game has a large selection of new music and it even adds EyeToy features that were not found in previous editions. The songs included in this edition are a lot more varied than in earlier games, but this has mixed results. On a lot of the non-traditional dance songs, it is often difficult to find the right...
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By shipwreck1 - Jan 31, 2006

Dance Dance EXTREME!

Strengths: As with any new DDR volume, new songs. Eyetoy stuff is fun if you have the lighting and space.

Weakness: If you're not a fan of the music in previous volumes, you might not be a fan of this one.

Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR, is probably known to most video game players. Skipping the basics, which consists of hitting arrows on a dance pad that correspond to the arrows shown on screen. Extreme is the first volume that supports the Eyetoy, which lets the player use their hands in addition to their feet, to watch themselves playing DDR, and adds some additional minigames. Any fan of DDR...
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By Charlemagne7 - Jan 30, 2006

Dancing good time

Strengths: Very fun gameplay, excellent workout, good training mode and range of difficulty. Versus mode is lots of fun

Weakness: Can be very hard to learn if uncoordinated.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme is a wonderful game that everyone interested in rhythm based games should have. There's something very gratifying about stepping on the arrows at the right time, and playing with a friend (and beating them!). The songs are diverse and range widely in difficulty. Sometimes the syncopated beats are hard to recognize during the song, and might trip players up (the...
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By providence777 - Nov 19, 2005

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