DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution

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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure

Maximum Number of Players: 2


Product Title: DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution

Power Score: 4.4 | 16 Reviews

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This game is wickedly sweet baby!! I love it so much. At first you have to get used to it, but then it is really cool!! I played this at summer camp this summer, and iut was totally awesome! Thanks for creating it!!!!!!

By hanners05 - Nov 24, 2005

Great family entertainment

Strengths: Something for the whole family

Weakness: Hope you like club music

DDRMax is a great game for the entire family. First off, you must realize you need a dance pad (or two if you want to compete). Once you have the dance pad, you're all set to go. Starting off, it's really easy to learn and most people will be able to do the light (aka- easy) level songs. As you master those titles, you set it to the next level ad many more steps are added into the same songs....
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By Warner1281 - Oct 5, 2005


Strengths: Great song list, fun and healthy!

Weakness: None except for my weak sauce skills

This is my second experience with DDR games and I love it. DDR Max is an intense dancing game where you attempt to match the onscreen arrows with your feet on a dance pad. It's a pick up and play game that is easy to learn but tough to master, especially if your too used to using your thumbs. The songlist is fairly large with only a couple of duds so you should find a few songs you like to keep...
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By StashEX - Aug 13, 2005

DDRMax: Dance Dance Revolution for PS2

Strengths: + A strong debut for the DDR series on the PS2 + Strong song selection

Weakness: - Not many weaknesses to be had, except the extremely out of shape will most likely be unable to play - Also, if you're easily embarrassed, this isn't the game for you

DDRMax: Dance Dance Revolution for the PS2 is the series debut on the PS2 console and it's even better than it's PSOne's predecessors (and much easier to find, might I add). Modes like Workout mode help players like me keep a daily dance routine which makes this exercise feel like fun. The graphics aren't all that impressive (the backgrounds can be quite distracting at times, as well), but it's...
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By Biglesworth23 - Aug 1, 2005

This is a decent DDR game but not...

Strengths: DDR Game!

Weakness: Music collection is not as good as DDRMAX2 and DDR Extreme.

This is a decent DDR game but not the best one as of now. It has all the basic DDR features but somehow the songs collection is not as exciting as DDRMAX2 and DDR Extreme. Recommand to rent it. If you haven't played any DDR games before, go for the DDR Extreme!

By tungluh - May 23, 2005

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