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Enter Pimp City, where bling is king, and style is everything. On these streets, if your car isn't fully pimped out, you'd be better off walking. You and Xzibit will take on the challenge of hooking up your homies, and transforming their hoopties, buckets and beaters into the hottest whips on the street, while redlining through the highways and alleyways of Pimp City. You choose the mods, you choose the route, but pimpin' ain't easy. It will take speed and style to hook them up. Do you have what it takes to Pimp Their Ride?

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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)

Game Genre: Racing Game

Maximum Number of Players: 1


Product Title: Pimp My Ride

Manufacturer: Activision

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Power Score: 2.1 | 3 Reviews

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Pimp My Ride

Driving games are a blast. Pimp My Ride is an awesome show. Both combine cool cars, rap music, and MTV-generation videography for a new level of interactive (games) and viewing (Pimp My Ride) entertainment. When it came time for the two to finally cross paths, there was no question as to whether or not the Pimp My Ride video game would be set in the driving genre. Racing is too specific. It...
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By GameZone - Dec 28, 2006

Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS rating of 0.35 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #18,987 game of all time, #230 game of 2006 for the PlayStation 2 and #1,750 PlayStation 2 game of all time. The rating and ranking is based on an average of 4 critic scores, awards and other criteria. To see a breakdown of the game ranking, read individual critic reviews, or see how other games ranked,...
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By TopTenREVIEWS.com - Mar 17, 2008

Pimp My Ride

Testseek.com has collected 4 expert reviews for Pimp My Ride and the average expert rating is 36 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use Testseek.com to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By testseek.com - Nov 5, 2008

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