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EyeToy: Kinetic is an innovative fitness product that provides players with an authentic personalized exercise program all in the comfort of their own home Utilizing the revolutionary EyeToy USB Camera technology and developed in association with Nike Motionworks (experts in fitness, motion and body movement) players will experience a more effective workout inspired by activities such as Tai Chi, Kick Boxing, Aerobics, Yoga, Modern Dance and more.

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Product Title: EyeToy: Kinetic w/ Camera - Complete Product

Manufacturer: Sony

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EyeToy: Kinetic (PS2)

Strengths: (1) Provides a variety of exercises and challenges (2) Many of the sessions do really make you breathe hard and sweat (3) Great bodypart-specific toning routines

Weakness: (1) Some of the aerobic types of sessions are best done alone if you are moderately easy to embarrass (i.e. you will look silly doing some of these exercises)

EyeToy: Kinetic is a pretty fun way to get a moderately good workout. Some of the boxing type of sessions can really get you breathing hard and the routines that target specific bodyparts (such as the ab routine) are challenging and work well. Also included in the routines (though optional) are stretches and warm ups that prep you for the harder exercises. The game acts as somewhat of a personal...
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By cotebryan - Jul 2, 2008

Eyetoy Kinetic PS2

Strengths: Very good training workout. Comes with a new eyetoy camera. Produced by Nike Motionworks.

Weakness: Hard to stick to the program for 12 weeks.

Kinetic is a great workout game for the PS2. It features and includes an Eyetoy camera. The game focuses on 4 areas ( combat , cardio , toning , and mind & body). The game features 20 unique exercises from different arts.

By yikez - Apr 30, 2008

Eye Toy: Kinetic (PS2)

Strengths: Exercise routine, newer USB Camera

Weakness: Not very responsive, slow load time

I purchased this hoping for a good workout and some fun. It was fun at first since you can have a personal trainer and work on certain areas. Nike has a part in this game too. The load times were longer than I liked and the camera recognition was poor. If you have low lighting in your living room, the camera will not pick up the image well. Kinetic comes with a snap on adapter for the USB Camera...
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By docmav - Mar 8, 2008

EyeToy Kinetic

Strengths: Great workout, multiple modes

Weakness: N/A

EyeToy: Kinetic is a great exercise tool using the often overlooked EyeToy perpherial for the Playstation 2. Kinetic is loaded with many different ways to do exercise. It offers various gameplay modes and a 12-week program. The gameplay modes are divided into various categories targeted towards specific zones of your body. The 12-week program is customized using your own preferences to tailor a...
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By eau697 - Mar 29, 2007

EyeToy: Kinetic

Strengths: updated webcam, fun workout

Weakness: N/A

EyeToy:Kinetic offers gamers an excellent way to perform a series of cardiovascular exercises by interacting with their Playstation 2 through the use of their arms, body and legs. Unlike the black webcam that comes with other EyeToy game bundle, the webcam in the Kinetic bundle is the newer, silver model that goes for $30 in retail. EyeToy:Kinetic is for everyone, not just gamers. However, gamers...
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By keelie - Mar 15, 2007

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