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This memory card provides 16 MB of memory and includes Memory Manager Plus software that allows you to manage and archive your saves, expand your memory capabilities, and write game saves to an Iomega Zip drive.

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Device Type: Memory


Product Title: PS2 Mega Memory Card

Manufacturer: InterAct

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Power Score: 1.7 | 6 Reviews

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The mega memory card is very...

Strengths: double the size, able to compact files

Weakness: always have to use mini-disc or gameshark to boot up

The mega memory card is very useful since it is able to store 16 mb worth of memory, or roughly 200 saves. I have never had problems with my ps2 reading the disc and it is very simple to use. It just takes the motor skills of a 5 year old which many might not have. For those of you who do have this, I strongly recommend you purchase this memory card

By swazo - Nov 29, 2003

PS2 doesn't always recognize the...

Strengths: twice as much memory as the 8MB....

Weakness: you have to put mega memory cd in before every game.

PS2 doesn't always recognize the CD right away. So you have to restart the PS2 over and over again until it does. I have also heard rumors that after awhile your PS2 will not recognize the CD at all making it useless. Recommend not buying. Too, time consuming

By Lonestar - Aug 29, 2002

DO NOT BUY! I bought this piece of...

Strengths: None

Weakness: Does not work

DO NOT BUY! I bought this piece of crap twice, I had only had the product one day before my dog used the baby CD as a chew toy and went back and got screwed again. I read and reread the instruction book it does not work!

By SoccerJim - Jun 15, 2002

NO INSTRUCTIONS, InterAct assumes...

Strengths: You can balance a table by placing the memory card under the leg that is short.

Weakness: Just doesn't work. You think "gee, double the size, half the price. Great!" If you believe that, you are up for a surprise, my friend... not a pleaseant one.

NO INSTRUCTIONS, InterAct assumes that you are a genius and that you will figure it out, but believe me, you won't. So, I did save GT A spec on it, but could never load it back. No idea of how to format the card, or when. What a slap in the face. And Sony slap you back by charging 40 bucks for a good one. I should have known better because I have an InterAct PC gamepad that is useless. Avoid at...
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By handywipe - Apr 27, 2002

I hate to write a bad review---but...

Strengths: Cd doubles as a coaster.

Weakness: Doesn't work, unreliable, waste of money and time.

I hate to write a bad review---but hopefully this will save someone a real pain in the kneck. This card, is generic, it doesn't work. I was able to get it to work one time with NBA live 2002---then I had to re-format the thing--because nothing would recognize it, and that is where I am to this day---NOTHING, will recognize the card. The sad thing is, with all the people that are having troubles...
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By mrpaul77 - Mar 30, 2002

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