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Complete your PlayStation Vita experience with this starter kit comes with an assortment of six must-have accessories that protect your PS Vita and provide you the solutions you need while playing on the go including a 4GB memory card. As the official starter kit, all of the included accessories will work and match perfectly with your PlayStation Vita. Keep your Vita protected and clean with the pocket pouch, protective film and cleaning cloth. You can also organize your Vita memory and game cards with the card case. Get fully immersed in game play, media, and beyond with the super-light, high-quality, in-ear design, Vita headphones.


Product Title: PlayStation Vita Starter Kit

Manufacturer: Sony

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Power Score: 2.8 | 2 Reviews

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Great addition to first purchase

great screen protector (if you like them, personally i do not). the sleeve is nice and keep the system clean and safe from scrathes when and if transporting the system. games gase is good size and hold the games and memory cards securely. micro fiber cloth is nice for cleaning dust and finger prints from the screen and rear touchpads two thumbs up on that =D headphones don't stay in too well,...
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By berry on Sony - Official Store - Aug 22, 2012

missing stuff

it is said that there are 6 stuffs in the package. but I only receive a pocket pouch and a 4GB card. The rest four are missing!! they are protective film,card case, headphone and cleaning cloth!! Can you send me these four stuffs again!! I appreciate

By SATterminal on Sony - Official Store - Feb 16, 2012

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