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Golden Sun: The Lost Age extends and deepens the storyline of the first Golden Sun, a big hit a couple of years ago. First-timers will quickly find themselves immersed in the dazzling world of Weyard, while veterans will appreciate how the new game builds upon the first, while also providing the opportunity to upload character attributes.


Product Title: Golden Sun: The Lost Age GBA

Manufacturer: Nintendo

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Power Score: 4.5 | 4 Reviews

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this is a fun RPG you get to have...

Strengths: its fun you get to fight with whole new guys and new phy energy attacks.

Weakness: they talk way to long,and if your stuck on a part and cant figure out what to do you might be stuck for awile.

this is a fun RPG you get to have new allies and new sommons but like i said if u get stuck it might take awile to get out of it. This is a fun game hope u enjoy it :)

By cheat_guy - Jun 30, 2003

I played the first Golden Sun and...

Strengths: Everything! The Lost age is perhaps, in my opinion the greatest RPG of the year. New spells have been added, new dijnn and new summons is what make this game even great er then the first.

Weakness: The music is a major downfall in this games. After a while the tunes get annoying. Also the charicters speak to damn long!!! You can say half what they say ten times shorter.

I played the first Golden Sun and boy was i amazed. After playing for 3 days straight with no walkthrough, i completed it. After waiting for another 6 month The Lost Age hit the stores. Playing for weeks on end, No walkthrough i completed the game!! This game is the best RPG i have ever layed my hands on. I cried when i finished it, for now i hav to hope and pray that another Golden Sun game will...
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By gizmo_the_great - Jun 26, 2003

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun is the first RPG series that is truly exclusive to the Game Boy Advance. Pokemon could be considered exclusive, but it has appeared on other GB systems, as well as Nintendo 64. The upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will be amazing, but like every other GBA RPGs, it is not much more than a port of a game we already know and love. Golden Sun: The Lost Age, however, is a brand-new...
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By GameZone - Apr 21, 2003

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun: The Lost Age receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS rating of 3.58 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #329 game of all time, #7 game of 2003 for the Game Boy Advance and #19 Game Boy Advance game of all time. The rating and ranking is based on an average of 57 critic scores, awards and other criteria. To see a breakdown of the game ranking, read individual critic reviews, or see how other games...
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By - Mar 17, 2008

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