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Product Title: Resident Evil Zero

Manufacturer: Capcom

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Power Score: 4.2 | 21 Reviews

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Zero doesn't add much to the RE series mythology. . .

Strengths: Stellar graphics, new partner swapping and item dropping mechanics, prequel to REmake, the last RE with zombies, Leech Hunters mini-game, budget price

Weakness: Same old controls, weak storyline, unimaginative enemies (frogs, monkeys, bugs, etc.), contains major spoilers for REmake, short overall length

Resident Evil Zero was the last game in the popular Capcom series to feature the now classic RE controls and game play dating back to the original PSone Resident Evil. Unfortunately, this wasn't the grand sendoff that most fans had hoped for. The Gamecube-powered graphics certainly do the series proud, and the new partner swapping and drop-anytime item mechanics certainly add new twists to the...
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By MaxBiaggi2 - Feb 2, 2006

Resident Evil Zero

Strengths: Excellent graphics, voice acting and story

Weakness: Poor controls

I've never played a Resident Evil game (although I did see the movies and found them enjoyable) and this one pretty accurately models everything I've heard about the games. Excellent story, voice acting and graphics, and controls like trying to maneuver a drunken rat through a spinning maze. The parter system is interesting, but the tag-team puzzle solving (while inventive and interesting at...
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By GreySector - Sep 27, 2005

Capcom Resident Evil Zero GameCube

Strengths: Graphics, mood, story

Weakness: Controls are poor

Capcom Resident Evil Zero GameCube was probably the best game in series prior to the release of Resident Evil 4. The game fills in the story prior to Resident Evil 1 and does a fantastic job of combining FMV clips and storyline with challenging puzzles and action. For fans of the survival/horor genre as well as Resident Evil games this is a must buy.

By mick16 - Aug 11, 2005

2 can play at this game

Strengths: unique character switching idea...

Weakness: ...that doesn't work as well as it should

This game tried to do something different with the series. While many of the RE games feature 2 playable characters, this is the first to let you play them at the same time, switching back and forth, or even controlling both in the same room at once. Problem is, this can become somewhat of a nuisance at times, as when you are controlling one character, the other is standing around in real time,...
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By zmonkay - Jul 30, 2005

All the elements of the RE series...

Strengths: 2 Characters to switch between during play. Use both to solve puzzles. Pass items to each other when close. Drop items anywhere for later pick-up when needed. Camera pans in most rooms.

Weakness: Still have tank controls, camera angles, and the typewriter + ribbon save combo.

All the elements of the RE series are here: tension, suspense, and creepy atmosphere. Some nuggets are: Cool environments like the train and interesting FMV backstory for Billy. I liked the addition of puzzle solving between the two characters and the map showing where items were dropped off. If not for that it would have been a scavenger hunt for dropped items (not fun). A must for any RE fan...
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By UglyCode - Jul 4, 2005

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