Nintendo Pokémon Sapphire Version

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Product Title: Nintendo Pokémon Sapphire Version

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Power Score: 4.6 | 7 Reviews

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Ghost's review

Strengths: the game is addictive and 'pokemon' is always a great rpg game for gameboy wether you like pokemon or not

Weakness: The game is not as fun as the classics like red and blue. Once you get to the elite four it is very hard to find a way to get your pokemon to level up because of the lack of trainers to battle.

The game is great in the sence of keeping the whole pokemon style but the graphics are not up to the gameboy advance capabilitys. The pokedex does not have all 350 pokemon. I think it has two hundred. Which is good because if there are too many pokemon it makes it impossible to become a master. Getting to the legendary pokemon on the cover is fun. There is also two other secret pokemon to catch...
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By anonymous; - Jul 13, 2005

The graphics in Ruby and Sapphire...

Strengths: Awesome graphics!!

Weakness: Lacking the cool stuff.

The graphics in Ruby and Sapphire are much better than is the older versions. The pokemon look much realler, when before (like in blue) Chansey looked drunk. (So did most of the others) One thing I wish it had is the pokegear you get in gold, silver and crystal. I also wish it became night. Also, in Crystal when you encouter a pokemon, or look up it's stats, they move, which in Ruby and Sapphire...
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By Umbreon92KP - Mar 10, 2004

A new expirience in a new world...

Strengths: New pokemon, TMs, HMs, attacks, new story line, and extremely addictive.

Weakness: No Johto or Kanto. A lot of original pokemon missing.

A new expirience in a new world with new characters. Two on two battles are now a must. Starting to get tired of the Elite Four though.

By Calacirya - Jan 17, 2004

Ok, i dont normally like Pokemon...

Strengths: Graphics!!! They have to be the best. You have a reflection in the water, clouds in the sky!! Awesome! U can now run making it easier and the new secret base, which i found very dissapointing!

Weakness: New Pokemon Yay (sarcasm) The creators must be running out of names-Zigzagoon?? Also it has hardly none of the old ones which the poke fans grew to love!! No Charmander!!

Ok, i dont normally like Pokemon but i was bored so i thought, i might as well get it!! This game has quickly become my second best game!! It took a little while to complete (playing 3 days non stop) and it also has some cool new features making its lastability better! Pokemon competeion, new TM's and yes even new HM's. This game is way better then its first versions. But if you dont like Pokemon...
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By gizmo_the_great - Jun 26, 2003

I would recomend this to pokemon...

Strengths: well it does have the newer pokemon, better graphics, and it uses the gameboy advances sound card to its max for the music, it also has 2 different bikes and running shoes, plus a new SECRET BASE

Weakness: It doesnt have all of the old pokemon, so i dont see how you can "catch them all" the game is alittle short but has many smaller adventures that makes this game fun.

I would recomend this to pokemon fans but if you dont really like pokemon that much dont spen your money untill the prices drop. I love the game and many other people do too. Check out game reviews at other sites and see if you like it...

By nizate2 - Mar 27, 2003

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