Rare Display Box Only No Game F-zero Maximum Velocity Nintendo Gameboy Advance


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ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure


Product Title: Rare Display Box Only No Game F-zero Maximum Velocity Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Manufacturer: Konami

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Power Score: 4.6 | 12 Reviews

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Castlevania Cotm

Strengths: Graphics sound gameplay

Weakness: Dark visuals

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon was one of the very first gba releases, rounding out the opening day lineup with an action rpg reminiscent of the previous Castlevania games. Once again another young Vampire hunter must fight and destroy the minions of Dracula. Graphically COTM is still a very good looking game despite its age. It takes hand drawn 2d graphics and doesn't shy away form it, allowing...
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By Stopper33 - Oct 12, 2005

One of the best GBA games out there

Strengths: graphics, music, gameplay

Weakness: none

No bones about it, this is the de jure best GBA launch title. Great music, great graphics, great everything, from the Metroid style exploration to the boss battles and the card system. The only potential problem is it's a little hard to play on the original GBA models. GBA SP, GB Player and the Nintendo DS all play it with ease, but on the original it's a bit dark and sometimes things are hard to...
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By swordity - Oct 1, 2005

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Strengths: Amazing Side-Scroller

Weakness: Very Dark for GBA Screen

Circle of the Moon is another great side-scroller for the GBA, and picks up almost where Symphony of the Night left off for the PS1. Retaining all the great qualities that made the Castlevania series a hit through all these years, and then adding some new elements. The game however is very dark and this causes a problem on the dimly lit GBA screen. Anyone with a Nintendo DS should definitely play...
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By dago2727 - Sep 14, 2005

Good game.

Strengths: Gameplay, graphics, sound, value.

Weakness: None.

Good 2D adventure filled with goodies. nice action, good fun, nice music, good graphics, the works. Take a shot at this one. And don't forget to check out the other Castlevania games!

By WolfPac_Ite - Aug 5, 2005

Castlevania : CotM

Strengths: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Controls, Storyline

Weakness: Make sure you play it on a GBA SP or with the Gameboy Advance adapter for gamecube, this game is dark and hard to see otherwise

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is a classic side-scrolling adventure game but adds similar gameplay aspects (i.e., magic) from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The graphics are tremendous and look excellent on the handheld system. However, they could have made the game a little brighter so it is easier to see when using the original GBA to play. Otherwise, it may be tough to see. The music...
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By galvatron2k1 - Jul 30, 2005

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