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Game Genre: Action/Adventure


Product Title: Animal Crossing

Power Score: 4.9 | 7 Reviews

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I would say that out of all the...

Strengths: Everything

Weakness: None

I would say that out of all the gamecube games I played this one was the coolest. It felt like you were that person and you had responsibitlities like at first where you had to work at Nooks Cranny.That was your responsibilities. You can fish for you money or shake trees or hit rocks with a shovel. I would defiantly recomend this game.

By 3r1m5m - May 31, 2005

I am a spoiled girl at some times....

Strengths: Fun, Realistic Characters, You can't beat it so it actually gives you something to do.

Weakness: Extremely addictive

I am a spoiled girl at some times. When there is something I want, like a game, I usually get it. Anyways I had spent the night at my friend's house who had Animal Crossing. I wanted to make my own person so she let me play it. She had told me, "You know you are only going to play this game for a week in like your whole life..." I spent the week there then left and got a Game Cube just to play...
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By possessed_chic - Jul 27, 2003

This game was everything I...

Strengths: Excellent interaction! Highly original and highly addictive.

Weakness: None!

This game was everything I expected and then some. I love all the detail put into this game from the realistic look of the town as it changes with the weather, to the way the other animals living in the town yell at you if you ask them too many questions in a day. This game is simple enough for a first grader, yet interesting enough that it keeps me and my college friends entertained for hours. I...
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By azucarplumfaerie - Jun 17, 2003

Until I actually sat down and...

Strengths: Story Line, Theme, Game Quality.

Weakness: Graphics (slightly), Movement of player.

Until I actually sat down and played this game, I thought it was another one of my little brother's "waste your time" games. This game, I must say, is well planned, well thought out and well done. The player is a reflection of yourself and your personal tastes in life. It is like a little you living in the GameCube. I love it and I am addicted to it like Homer Simpson is addicted to drinking Duff...
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By MoJangles - Feb 11, 2003

First off, the graphics are...

Strengths: Sheer addictiveness, clever use of internal clock, the fact that the 3 other allowed players each get homes in your city.

Weakness: Graphics are TERRIBLE. I mean it's like mediocre for the N64(!!)

First off, the graphics are extremely bad. Like I said above under "Weaknesses" the graphics would still just be mediocre if it was ported backward to the N64. But after you get past the graphics, this is one amazing game. Secondly this game cleverly uses the Gamecube's internal clock. This city you've created will be like a real live living breathing city filled with people. I've even heard from...
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By DillDoe - Dec 28, 2002

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