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The Gestahlian Empire, armed with the secrets of Magitek, holds the world in chains until a young woman named Terra frees herself from its control and joins a band of rebels known as the Returners. Armed with her magic powers, they struggle to uncover the secrets of the ancient War of the Magi and the source of the Empire's power.

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Maximum Number of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)

Game Genre: Action/Adventure Game


Product Title: Final Fantasy IV Advance

Manufacturer: Computers America

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Power Score: 4.4 | 18 Reviews

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An epic in fantasy RPGs...and that's a very good thing.

Strengths: Excellent storyline, engaging characters, good plot twists, solid FF gameplay throughout

Weakness: Traditional RPG mechanics will turn some away at first glance...but it shouldn't...and if you don't like opera, go play pokemon instead, this one has an intricate drama that takes time to get into...

When I play this game it reminds me of a good 19th century opera. Maybe Wagner, Gluck or Verdi. It is full of the usual "sturm und drang"/storm and stress that you can expect from a good old wailing opera. And it has all of the traditional elements, romantic battles, conflicts between light and dark, good and evil, spoony bards, damsels in distress, jumping dragoons, chocobos. Well, maybe not the...
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By jbetancourt - Feb 25, 2008

Final Fantasy IV

Strengths: story, fun gameplay

This game reminds me a lot of Pokemon type games. You travel around the world completing quests and upgrading your characters - increasing skills/hitpoints and learning new spells. You play looking down on your character as he travels the world and you will have random encounters with monsters. The battles aren't really turned based though. Each character has length of time between attacks, it...
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By cheapfrag - Aug 1, 2007

Classic RPG!

Strengths: no lags, portable

Weakness: none

This was my first rpg I have ever completed for the SNES, and I was immediately hooked. Since I no longer own the snes or the catridge, having the game available for gameboy was a godsend! The game is just as I remembered it. The game plays smoothly with no lag at all due to cartrige format. Will bring you hours upon hours of gameplay! Excellent purchase, worth every penny!

By neuromix - Jul 30, 2007

Final Fantasy IV

Strengths: Near perfect port (with improvements) of the original classic

Weakness: N/A

Final Fantasy IV is a port of the Japanese Super Famicom (Super NES) Final Fantasy IV game. It is a near-perfect port with some subtle improvements. It is an old-school RPG that may seem a little basic to people who have only played the most recent Final Fantasy games. Nonetheless it is a true classic and holds up better than the Final Fantasy I/II GBA compilation. It is a must-play for any Final...
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By mj_f - Jul 26, 2007

Spoonier Than Your Average Bard

Strengths: Fast moving and entertaining plot, bonus content.

Weakness: Some gameplay glitches.

Final Fantasy IV Advance is a solid port of a classic, with a terrific new localization as well as some very worthwhile new content. While a few strange glitches plague battles, the adventure is always entertaining (if melodramatic). Overall, this is yet another worthwhile remake of a classic RPG from Square Enix.

By yakkotank - Jul 11, 2007

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