1:18 Scale Diecast Military Models: 1941 Beetle Bailey Jeep

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A Special Commemorative Release To The Sorriest Sad Sack Soldier Of All Time! 1941 Beetle Bailey Jeep Most Famous Vehicle In Military History. Honoring The G.I.'s Favorite Comic Strip Character It carried GI's and Generals to ultimate victory in all three theaters Africa, Europe, Asia. It was Ike's front-line ?limo? and Patton's go-for-broke, command post on wheels. Nothing could stop it. Not axle-high mud, not hood-high snow, not drifting desert sands, not soggy jungle swamps, not even the sand-mired beaches of Normandy or the raging swollen streams of Germany's Black Forest. Its 4-wheel drive and 1/4 -ton capacity out-raced, out-flanked, out-maneuvered enemy troops in all 33 major land battles of WWII. And now Jeep has authorized the release of this special edition of the original 1941 WWII model. Available from the National Motor Museum Mint, for as long as remaining supplies hold out. Specifications - With Full Operating Parts, Official Insignia plus Moveable Scale Models Of Beetle, Sarge and Otto Here in this classic die-cast edition every last feature and intricate component is finely detailed in precise scale ratio. Heavy-duty tires mounted on wheels that roll and turn-twin fender-top beams-dual, rear-mounted spares and tarp-covered ?jerry? can-Jeep fold-down windshield, complete tool kit, featuring a G.I. shovel and Motor Corps axe. Why even the instrument panel (all dials and gauges) are perfectly duplicated in miniature - in addition the interior and exterior baked on factory finish camouflage paint and official military insignia. PLUS, on this collectible ?Beetle Bailey Edition? you also get full color mold-struck models of Beetle, Sarge and Otto - all fully moveable for repositioning or re-seating to make authentic, entertaining displays. Features Opening Hood Spare Gas Can Side Mounted Axe & Shovel Spare Tire Attached to Rear Tarp-covered ?Jerry? Can-Jeep Fold-down Windshield Full Color Mold-struck Models of Beetle, Sarge and Otto, All Fully Moveable Exterior Baked on Factory Finish Camouflage Paint and Official Military Insignia Precision DieCast Replica 1:18 Scale Model 7.5 Inches Long

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Product Title: 1:18 Scale Diecast Military Models: 1941 Beetle Bailey Jeep

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