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Yamaha Raptor quad

Strengths: Lasts, good support,

Weakness: Right now won't run, sound got stuck not too long after purchase so we just disconnected it and the kids don't seem to care

Bought two years ago. Called support several times and they have always been helpful. Ordered battery about a year ago, along with other parts order didn't come in timely manner so was not charged so parts and everything were free can' beat that . Would really like to purchase another one as my 3yr 9mth Grandson and 1yr 9mth Granddaughter fight over who gets to ride the one they have. Have ordered parts off and on and they have always fit and worked. Now I can't seem to figure out exactly why it won't run. Has faded in color but has been left out in all weather and has been to the coast. Trying to find some kind of vehicle that will last as long and cost about the same as the raptor

By grandma2009 - Oct 6, 2009

Absolutely unsafe for your children. Major problems with Wheel parts, Manufacturer Support abysmal.

Strengths: Manual wasn't totally horrible, could work through how to build it.

Weakness: Extremely unsafe for your child - see comments. Repackaged return sold as new. Horrible customer support.

There's a critical wheel part that does not come with the bike, is not mentioned in the manual, causes major malfunction if it's not in, and the support has no idea what parts are what because it's not listed in the manual -- It's the wheel inside piece that makes a snug fit to the bar the wheel goes on.
The supplemental part the support eventually sent does not fit correctly and if you go in reverse the wheel falls off.

Someone previously built parts of my "new atv" and returned the product, half the stuff in the manual I was supposed to build was already done, and several parts were roughly handled. While this was extremely annoying, it also was the reason I found out about the wheel bushing - I could have had my son fall off and hurt himself had I not found this out.

And their customer support is horrid. I'm always positive and considerate of customer support because I know they get all kinds of mail/calls, but they did not deserve my time or kindness

The first time I sent them an email asking about the part, I sent them pictures of the bushing itself since it wasn't listed in the manual. Very clear specific photos - and they sent the wrong part - 10 days later.

When I tried the part they sent (thinking maybe I had the wrong bushing that was ALREADY INSTALLED) the wheel fell off when it was going in reverse (I simply turned the wheel since I could tell something was wrong).
So I emailed them, again considerate but no-nonsense, simply telling them they sent me the wrong part and made the ATV unsafe, sent them comparison pictures of the part they sent to the original, and asked them to send it in a more timely manner.

They simply said "so sorry blah blah blah, return it". Talk about inconsiderate and lack of customer care, these guys cant even get a part right with photos (aside from every other thing they needed like model, reciept#, etc). So here's my review for the world to know what they can expect from this garbage company called DumarUSA.

I even am attaching the photos I sent (that they couldn't be bothered to look at) in hopes you see this before building it so your child won't have an accident with this garbage.

Risk your kids life for a dumarusa product? No thanks - happily returned to walmart.

By CleverConsumer - Sep 20, 2007

Yamaha Raptor ATV

Strengths: The kids Love it!

Weakness: electrical problems, gets studck in reverse one one and the other reverse does not work, back wheels have cracked and split and can't find replacement wheels for them

We have two of these four wheelers that we had gotten for each of our boys around the age of two. The first one (2005) stills runs well, but the back wheels have cracked and split. It is only a matter of time before the ATV no longer runs due to the wheel issue. I have not been able to find replacement wheels at this point. The other ATV (2007) has a lot of electrical problems. The reverse no longer works using the switch and other times it gets stuck in reverse. We have loved the product otherwise but am disappointed that there are no replacement wheels available. At this point, I don't know if it is worth the cost to replace the wheels anyway due to the other electrical issues.

By mjackson1 - Jun 8, 2008

Yamaha ATV

Strengths: Looks like a real 4 wheeler. Rides good.

Weakness: Battery does not last very long. Cannot find replacement battery anywhere even Walmart does not sell the replacement battery for this item.

My daughter received it as a gift for Christmas last year (2004). She loves to ride it and it looks just like a real 4 wheeler. The only negative is that the battery life is not good. If the power switch is turned on high the battery will only last for about an hour. Even with the switch on low it will only last for maybe 2 hours if your lucky. For a child that is a disappointment.

By Motherof2 - Oct 14, 2005

Cheap made

Strengths: its cute

Weakness: GEARS

after a complete charge my grandson was excited to ride his new raptor well sad to say it didn't last long he went to put in reverse it would not work then he put it in low gear same thing would not work it only goes in to high gear and i can not get any help to fix it the fuse is good so im thinking wiring i called company they told me to ship it to them i am not rich!!! over 100 bucks to ship it,so my 4yr old grandsons birthday was a flop and he is very up set he now calls the atv junk.

By mayme1964 - May 27, 2011

Yamaha Ride-on

Strengths: Nice Lookng Thats about it


Me and my wife bought 2 of these 199.99 4 wheelers for our kids for christmas. It went great the first use. The second use one of them just stopped during the first 10 mins. we changed the fuse....didn't work, switched batteries....didn't work. We cant return it because it's already been assembled, oh yeah the other one did the same thing a month later.....great. It sucks DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

By Brett8720 - May 9, 2010

Dumar Yamaha Raptor

Strengths: Very Durable. Rear Suspension. Metal Reinforced. Metal Steering Mechanism.

Weakness: None.

My kid loves this thing. What are you people talking about, its a toy for pete's sake. How can you complain about the gears when they all do that, especially if you DRAG THEM AROUND!! When moving it lift it by the nifty little handle in the back and save the gears!

This is a very durable, well made toy. One of the best IMO. The steel steering is what sold me. the other ones are just flimsy plastic.

As far as the battery goes, just go to a battery warehouse or something, big deal. I swear some people are dead in the water if they can't find everything at Wal-Mart.

By guetech - Aug 23, 2006

This product looks really cool!

Strengths: looks really cool!

Weakness: sucks!

Kid goes around the yard, fuse blows. Replace fuse, doesn't work. Take apart foot petal and reassemble, and it works. Kid rides around, another fuse blows. Replace fuse. Hit the petal, fuse blows again. Go buy new fuses, Walmart doesn't carry them, find auto shop. Buy fuses, replace fuse, doesn't work. I'm about to take apart petal again to see if I can find the malfunction and see if maybe I can get another ride around the yard for my kid. My kid really really REALLY wants to ride this, very disappointing.

By michaelwoldham23mike - May 26, 2010

great bike!

Strengths: very durable! very safe, no problems with the bike at all!

Weakness: plastic body fades a little after 2 years of being outside, and the battery went bad after a year and a half of

alright, i bought this for my son over 2 years ago. it was easy to assemble, (for me anyways). my son has punished this machine with mud that would sink a 4x4 truck... he has taken it through ditches, creeks, and HUGE mud holes! with absolutely no problems, at the year and a half mark the battery would not charge anymore and we bought the john deer gator from peg-perrego. after six months the gears stripped on it then we found that the battery worked in the raptor PERFECTLY! we paid about $180 for the raptor, and $445 for the gator, guess which one outlasted the other? now remember, this toy has been outside enduring the elements of 2 full summers and 2 full winters. never kept inside! and the body has faded some but it still runs and rides like the day we got it. also, after the battery went bad, it sat in the yard for about 6 months not running, charged the gator battery and put it in and has been running fine ever since.

My son actually turned down a REAL four wheeler because he enjoys this bike so much, we ordered 5 battery's from peg perrego for the gator and they work and fit the connector perfectly. Hell yeah id buy it again, and again, and again!

By ForsakenDAD - Sep 27, 2007

Yamaha Raptor

Strengths: Durable, nice looking.

Weakness: ?

To purchase a backup battery or replacement go to - the battery is the NP12-12. This information is printed right on the battery if you take it out of the quad and look at it. We have had no problems with ours at all - our son rides it around out 26 ares with out any problems other than us having to go get it when the battery dies, so we bought a second one to have on hand.

By satisfiedforayear - Jun 17, 2007

Yamaha Raptor ATV

Strengths: good looking seems to be rugged

Weakness: power switch needs to be in off position or battery will die. Rear gears

My 4 yr old loves the unit but the battery is usally dead as he will forget to turn the unit off when he is finished. Have called the manufature for assistance with gear problem they were very helpful

By compudoc23 - Mar 13, 2006

Reliability problems

Strengths: Kids love it. My 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy both love to ride this. It goes great on our lawn in either low or high gear. Either gear is slower in grass than on concrete, but still fast.

Weakness: Electronics completely failed after about 3 months. Must remember to switch power off or battery will drain dead, and the battery type is such that it is damaging to battery life when this happens.

I would definitely NOT buy this unit again. While it's great fun, it's not reliable enough. I expect more than 3 months of use from a $180 toy, that will not drive due to electrical problems believed to be in electronic module/computer. Have read of others with this problem as well. The battery life with a cared for battery has been very good in my view. To get 2+ hours use out of this is impressive. However, the further the battery is drained the weaker it becomes over time. I typically pulled the battery after one hour of use, to keep it from draining too low. The battery is similar type used in automobiles, not cell phones and other items that don't get impacted by being drained to low or no power. Further after opening, the instructions say don't get ATV wet or drive in the dirt. We kept it out of the dirt, but it was impossible to keep dry... kids don't put this under cover after each use, and rain or sprinklers inevitably get it wet, which may be a factor in this ATV's electrical failure.

By rkbush_2000 - Mar 14, 2007

Yamaha Raptor

Strengths: Fun riding toy. My 4 year old rode his for hours a day

Weakness: Gear box started to slip after a month of normal use. Mfg. promised replacement gearbox and has never sent.

Don't expect mfg. to honour warranty. I have left phone messages and many emails to no avail. Overall this is a really nice toy, and I would not have hesitated to buy again if they would honour the service agreement

By colinhester - May 17, 2006

Raptor techie stuff

Strengths: Built very tough with tight steering. Takes 180 pound me across the yard with grandson driving.

Weakness: Water drainage when left outside and on/off switch.

I bought this used and intend to redesign it for 24 V and a scooter controller. As it comes from factory this has a foot pedal that is flooded with water whenever it is in the rain or sprinklers. I recommend drilling 1/4" hole in bottom. Also drill into the bottom of the rear axle housing as it also fills up and may ruin motors. This has the foot switch directly in the battery feed so won't drain battery UNLESS it has had water or dirt in there. Then it will allways drain battery even with the switch off. This ride on and some Peg Pergo are the best.

By larryws109876 - Apr 24, 2010


Strengths: Fun for three year olds.

Weakness: Battery doesn't last long, finding replacement switch for the go pedal is IMPOSSIBLE

I bought this for my son in September of 07, now in Janruary 08 I am still looking for a replacement part. Every day I have to tell my son that his four wheeler still is broken. This purchase is VERY dissapointing.

By onesadboy - Jan 16, 2008

Yamaha ATV

Strengths: Looks Real. Easy to use. the step before the 50cc!

Weakness: Battery length, Replacment battery hard to find, Sounds Quit.

Bought this for my son when he was 1 1/2 years old, hes now 3 and loves this atv just as much as he did the day he got it. Replacement battery, We have not found the correct one yet. Bought peg prego one from Walmart.. The plug didnt fit was just a Tad bit to small...altered the plug connector a little and Works fine. Also we have the Old style Buttons (Green slide to the right button, a yellow slide up Button, new ones are all Push buttons) Sounds quit. If you hit the side of it they work,...for about 30 seconds. Altogether we are very happy with this Product! a good step to getting your kids used to Riding! Now that my son had mastered the Power wheel were looking For a real Bike!!

By missal5 - Aug 5, 2007

This is an expensive piece of junk

Weakness: Switches (gears) are poor quality. Poor customer service. Poor turning turning radius.

My husband bought one of these to replace our grand-daughter's aging FisherPrice Kawasaki 4-wheeler. After only about 2 months, the gears messed up. First it was hard to get into reverse; then hard to get into any gear. Seemed hit and miss, as worked now and then. Mfgr offered to repair if we paid shipping, which was around $100. For that price, we'd rather put our money on another 4-wheeler. Definitely would not buy another one of these, nor recommend anyone else buy this product. Ironically, her old FP kawasaki is still making laps around the backyard, while the Yahama Raptor sits dead in the water.

By anonymous; - Sep 23, 2012

Good Looking Cheap made

Strengths: Looks

Weakness: Cheap Made

Wheel fell off first time my Grandson rode it.. Also wheels didn't pull very well. Less than two weeks later, Left rear wheel, completely quit turning.. Yamaha name sounded very good, but the body is made of thin plastic. Smell of burnt parts, as wheel not turning.. Would never buy, again..Next time, will check views.. Yes, it just a toy, but for $217, expect our money's worth.. If you hadn't bought it, yet.... Don't!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous; - Sep 23, 2012


Weakness: Power train & shifter

I bought this for. my grandsons birthday in June of 2011. He just loved it until all the issues wi it. It is a peice of junk. I paid $200.00 & thought by paying that much it would last him for ever. Boy was I wrong. He only rode it for a month the gear box went bad & the transmission. He cried every day. The manufacture did send new parts. Worked for a week and gear box is bad again. I would not & will not tell any one to buy this product. Its a shame to build & sale this product for a kid to be let down. This is crule. & unfrgiveable for a company to build such a toy. And it don't say much for the Yamaha name. As far as I'm concerned WAL MART, MOTION TRENDZ & yamaha can take this and shove it up their A**.com

By anonymous; - Aug 24, 2011

yamaha raptor = poor quality

Strengths: looks nice and has a suspension

Weakness: battery poor,fuses blow constantly,foot pedal broke 3 times ,traction poor

Bought this for my son to go with another 12v 4 wheeler my other son had and it has been nothing but problems. The other we own is a fisher price power wheels kawasaki ninja. it has worked flawlessly. The Yamaha foot pedal switch has broke 3 times and I finally replaced it with a push button car starter switch. The battery takes 4 times as long to charge as the Power Wheels and never lasted half as long! the fuses have blown many times also for no apparent reason other than the sub standard wireing used. This has been very disapointing for my son. I would NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PRODUCT. I highly recomend the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki Ninja we have owned that one for 3 yrs and the Yamaha for a little over 2 yrs.

By anonymous; - Apr 17, 2011

Amazing toy

Strengths: Durable. Easy to assemble. Easy to steer and maneuver.

Weakness: Plastic wheels. Obviously not made for surfaces like gravel. Battery is hidden under seat which screws in, so it's a pain to remove for charging. Long charge time.

My son just got this as a gift for his second birthday. Within an hour of practicing with it, he was able to steer it around our property like a pro. I have never seen him so happy. He begs to go on this every single day. We haven't had a single problem with it. The only annoyance that we've had is that the battery is hidden under the seat, which is screwed in. So every time the battery needs to be charged, you have to unscrew the seat to get it out. The battery also takes 14 hours to fully charge, which seems like a long time to me! the wheels are made from a tough plastic, and are not made to ride on hard surfaces. The wheels are getting pretty worn down already because we live on a mountain, where my son drives this over rocks. I have read other reviews and saw that some people bought bike tires and nailed them in to give the wheels better traction. I think we will also do that to save the wheels. But all in all, my son LOVES this!! I would recommend it to anyone who can chase their kid around to make sure they don't speed into the street or off the side of a mountain! ;-)

By anonymous; - Oct 17, 2010

Yamaha Raptor

Strengths: My Boy loved it

Weakness: Electrical and you cannot find a battery for it anywhere.

We got the Raptor and for three months it worked great but then had lots of problem with the electrical part of it and even with the warrenty on the company would not replace it saying that it had to be our fault it didn't work any more, even though we followed all the directions for care for it. When we finally got it fixed then battery died and we have looked for a new one for a year and a half, we still cannot find one.

By anonymous; - Aug 4, 2010





By anonymous; - Jul 26, 2010

Three year old grandson loves this!

Strengths: Good quality, good battery life, goes through anything!

Weakness: Wheels wearing down

I bought this for my three year old grandson in the beginning of July and he loves it. It is good quality, IMO, has metal handlebars and a regular cushion seat. We live on a dirt road and he rides it through the ditches, through the mud and rocks, etc. He has yet to drain the battery after a days use. As to the reviewer who mentioned the bushings not coming with it, mine came already attached to the wheel, maybe they have corrected this issue. As to customer support, have had no problem, contacted for an extra battery to have on hand, was delivered timely. Although, I think I should have gotton wheels instead (they are $10 a piece) because they are showing wear, but to be expected considering where he rides. They're still good but I can see they will be wearing out before the battery. So far I would definitely purchase again.

By anonymous; - Oct 4, 2009

Yamaha Raptor Atv ride on toy

Strengths: My son loves to ride it.

Weakness: Gear problems, no reverse and atv still moves when in off position.

I started having problems a few weeks after I purchased it. The company sent me a new foot pedal, because it quit working. Now two months later more problems with reverse not working and atv moving when in off position.

By anonymous; - Aug 26, 2007

Yamaha Raptor 660R

Strengths: none

Weakness: battery duration and whole electric system, rear end, and the charging time

We purchased this unit for our 3 year old on his birthday. After the first 30 days the rear end went out. We got a replacement from Wal-Mart in late November. Sat all winter, then put it on charge for the 14 hours it takes, then your child can ride 15-20 minutes tops!!!!!After several more problems Dumar Inc. said we could return for a full refund, we thought great, now we can get Fisher Price Power Wheels (which we should have done from the beginning). Got the big shocker to send the unit back to Dumar Inc. will cost us $140-$150.00. So another words, they are getting more of our money, we would be paying twice for a total dissapointment. Would like to hear from other parents with the same disheartning news. Maybe something can be done. This unit is a rip off, I know these days $190.00 is not alot of money to alot of people, but my husband is on SSD and it took alot to save that money up, for our son to ride it a total of probably 4 hours since purchase.

By anonymous; - Jul 27, 2007

Fun while it lasts

Strengths: Looks real and our son really loved it while it lasted

Weakness: The gears malfunction after a couple of months

We bought this for our son for his second birthday. He loved it!! He rode it everyday. We took good care of it and put it away every night and always kept the battery charged. The first one we had started having problems only about two months after we got it. The reverse wouldn't work anymore. Our son loved it so much we thought we'd try another one. Now 8 months later all the gears have malfunctioned. He was riding it one day and the accelerator wouldn't turn off. He ended up hitting a tree and luckily he wasn't hurt. The accelerator wouldn't turn off until we took the battery out. I don't think we'll be getting another one.

By anonymous; - Jun 25, 2007

Where are my Parts???

Strengths: Looks real enough and my daughter could ride it for hours at a time.

Weakness: The bike won't go into forward or reverse and I have been waiting for parts on this thing FOREVER. I call and they tell me the same thing over and over. "It should be there any day."

I love the machine, but I don't like playing games on service. I have called several times and they should have found out where the parts are at. We are running out of good riding time and then it will have to be stored. Remind me why I bought this toy?

By anonymous; - Sep 29, 2006

Not so good

Strengths: looks good

Weakness: small battery doesn't last. You will need to buy a large one. The rear tires have split apart after one season.

My other son has a quad for 4 years and it is still going. I am very disappointed by the quality of this quad. It wasn't cheap, but it is built cheap. I'm still looking for the actual manufacturer to get in touch with. I think that will be futile. Yamaha should know what there name is being used for. I know quite a bit about the toy quads by now, and this is just not a good one.

By anonymous; - Apr 21, 2006