Manley Toys Minimoto Go-Kart

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Product Title: Manley Toys Minimoto Go-Kart

Manufacturer: Manley Toys

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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Very cool go cart for kids and adults under 6 ft/220

Strengths: Heavy steel frame 500 watt motor small turning radius/reverse prevents getting stuck

Weakness: Brake is a disc in rear but only stops 1 tire,not both

Got this from a Wal-Mart for $150, apparently discontinued for some reason, but this thing rocks!Enough torque for my 5 year old to spin the tire from a standstill. I am 5-10 175lb and I ride it all the time.The handling is incredible as it comes with soft inflatable tires that really grip.The braking is the only concern I have as the rear axle has a disc brake but it only controls the drive...
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By gra8flrn - Mar 20, 2006

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