Rocket USA Futurama Nibbler Tin Wind-Up Robot Action Toy


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Greetings, automaton shoppers - Professor Hubert Farnsworth here. You see here a replica of vintage 20th-century technology that only today's most advanced 31st-century technology could produce. Your Nibbler is made with the most sophisticated ductile metallic elements available (also called "tin") and was bred in an orbiting laboratory high above Vergon-6, or in China. Activating the full functionality of your Nibbler is quite simple - just feed him 3 pre-measured gigascoops of mammal-based, carbon-saturated Nibblopellet product and watch him go! (A manual crank is also provided in case of emergency.) Your Nibbler can thrive in many environments, from the thermal core of any planet to a torrential comet storm in the Milky Way. (However, extended exposure to atmospheric gravitational moisture, or rain, will void your warranty.) And remember - when it's time to send your Nibbler to the Robo-Vet for a tune-up, Whether it's in another galaxy or just across the solar system, always choose Planet Express!

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Color: Metallic


Product Title: Rocket USA Futurama Nibbler Tin Wind-Up Robot Action Toy

Manufacturer: Rocket USA

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