Manley Toys Banzai Drop Zone Inflatable Water Slide

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The Banzai Drop Zone Inflatable Water Slide offers two kind of sliding for extreme watersliding fun. Kids can twist and turn on the curved water slide or take the plunge down the Drop Zone. Both options end with a giant splash in the activity lagoon, where kids can challenge their friends to a game of water slide basketball or drench them with the water-blasting cannon. With the included continuous airflow blower, this inflatable water slide is quick and easy to set up.


Product Title: Manley Toys Banzai Drop Zone Inflatable Water Slide

Manufacturer: Manley Toys

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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Strengths: enjoyable, entertains people for a long time, good way to play king of the hill (only go up on slides)also a good way to cool off and relax

Weakness: takes a while to blow up

I played this at my friends neighbors house and even tho i did get kicked in the temple playing king of the hill, it was still the best thing evr!

By anonymous; - Jul 13, 2012

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