Melissa & Doug Trunki Ride-On Luggage

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Even under the best of conditions, air travel is a hassle. Add small children into the equation, and travel becomes something that parents actively dread - not that you don't adore the little darlings, it's just that there's more stuff to lug, and the more kids, the more opportunities for meltdowns. Because of this traveling dread, the invention of Trunki luggage for kids was heralded as the best thing since the rolling suitcase, or, for that matter, sliced bread. The concept is so simple that we wish we'd though of it first: Trunki, from Melissa & Doug , is a children's suitcase that doubles as a ride-on toy. Kids can scoot around on Trunki with their feet while hanging onto two stubby handles that look a bit like horns, or you can haul your kid along by the tow strap. Stabilizers keep Trunki suitcases from falling over, and secure catches keep everything inside.


Product Title: Melissa & Doug Trunki Ride-On Luggage

Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug

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