Kenner Aliens Queen Hive Playset By Kenner


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This set includes the Queen alien, Alien Hive playset, small Chestburster Alien, and 1.2 ounce can of non-toxic water soluble Aliens Ooze. The Queen Alien features fantastic detail and articulable head, arms, and legs. The Queen can be easily connected to detached from the egg chamber base.

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Product Title: Kenner Aliens Queen Hive Playset By Kenner

Manufacturer: Kenner

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Cool Toy to add to your collection.

Strengths: Cool and durable. With new the technology you can make your own Aliens movie with this set.

Weakness: No weaknesses

I have this set displayed in my huge fish tank set up with dark color lights. It really transports you back to the egg scene from the movie. This is a rare item in that it is the only truly accurate representation of the alien queen from the movie ALiens that's also articulable. The set from mcfarlane featuring the cocooned woman was too blue and looked too bulky overall. Also the "crown" was too...
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By Kelly-Toys-Collectibles - Jul 22, 2008

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