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Not Good

Strengths: Look similar to original Laptop exicite kids. Rest on the things are ordinary.

Weakness: No Manual Included, Quality is not as good as it should be. Complex for the kids of age of 6 years. Screen (where text is shown) looks dull.

I bought it for my 6 year old kid. When I ordered I was very much pleased with the product details mentioned on the website. But when I got it, there was no instruction manual. I spent some time to look for all activities provided in the product. Screen is also not very sharp in visibility. It is very light in weight and quality is also not the best (as per the max sale price). I am not very happy with the product. One can get better product in same price.

By nirajagarwal74 - Jul 8, 2007


Strengths: Easy to use as far as we can tell. NO INSTRUCTIONS CAME WITH IT

Weakness: NEED TO INCLUDE THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Cannot completely let our child know how to use it for games and such when we cannot tell what it can do.

We purchased this computer for our children at Christmas. There were NO INSTRUCTIONS that came with it and we have no way to determine what the full Features or Benefits of this item are if we cannot receive some instructions. It apprears easy to use however when trying to figure out some of the files/items it can do without any instructions it is difficult to do.
Please let us know where to receive these instructions from.


By drcoff4 - Jan 10, 2007

Compu Kidz Laptop

Strengths: The appearance is is close enough to the a laptop to excite a young child. All of it's functions support some form of education. Pronunciation, spelling ,math (+,-,x,&/. Telling the time, and Music.

Weakness: Monitor dipicted on the container is misleading. It's a small digital screen. It didn't come with instructions. It stopped working after about twenty sessions. Lost audio, screen become garbled

I purchased this item for my 4 year old granddaughter. she was very enthused about having her very own computer. she enjoyed playing the alphabet sounds, listening to the tunes and lyrics, and comparing letters with objects. She wasn't impressed with the mouse because it didn't reallly work. She only got to play with it about 20 times before it stopped working(4 month time frame). What looked to be a very good teaching aid turned into a big disappointment. The thirty day warranty ran out and I've yet to find anyone to assist me in filing a complaint. From now on I'll try it before I buy it.I will never buy another one of these laptops. In fact I will be leery about buying any other educational toy computer

By badboyandy - Apr 4, 2008


Strengths: Can't really come up with one

Weakness: lots

I am on line looking for directions thinking maybe they forgot them in the box but obviously it does not come with directions. My kids have put it in the corner and lost all interest. Not child friendly at all.

By anonymous; - Dec 3, 2009


Strengths: size and appearance

Weakness: no Manuel included, difficult to figure out procedures, especially for 4-6 year old. It is relatively boring for a child.

I purchased this for my child last Christmas. She was 5 years old at the time and tested gifted. She has not been
able to comfortable master the procedures and with no manual
difficult for me to help. This week she picked it up to
play and it does not work at all. I replaced the batteries.
There is no manual with it or online info to assist.

By anonymous; - Sep 8, 2007


Strengths: Has many features for child to learn a variety of skills.

Weakness: Stopped working entirely in only few days. Will not turn on!

THIS IS A WONDERFUL, EDUCATIONAL TOY..IF IT WORKED MORE THAN A FEW DAYS. Bought this toy laptop for my grandson for Christmas last year because his mother is a computer programmer and he loves computers. It looks like his Mom's laptop, and he was absolutely thrilled when he opened his gift. It was handled very carefully with adult supervision because it WAS a very nice toy with which the child SHOULD have been able to learn many things as he grows older. As it was, he learned all about the disappointment of having his favorite Christmas Gift stop working before he had a chance to learn anything from using his new toy.

Checked the battery contacts and even had a person who has built computers take it apart to be sure there were no loose wires to the batteries. Found nothing was loose or out of place, but IT STILL WILL NOT TURN ON, so is just another piece of electronic garbage now. This grandparent's recommendation is simply DO NOT BUY IT unless you want your little child or grandchild to be very, very disappointed a few days after Christmas, too!!!

By GrandmaHill - Dec 6, 2007