Radica Play TV Huntin 3

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PlayTV's Huntin' 3 gets you off the couch and into the hunt! Now with improved graphics! Just plug the rifle controller into your TV or VCR and you're ready to hunt! *PLEASE NOTE* THIS ITEM DOES NOT WORK WITH PROJECTION, HD, LCD OR PLASMA TELEVISIONS. Use only with standard glass screen TVs.


Product Title: Radica Play TV Huntin 3

Manufacturer: Radica

Power Score: 1.0 | 1 Review

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Radica Huntin' 3

Strengths: Game concept is good, if it worked.

Weakness: Doesn't work

My son was given the Radica Huntin' 3 game for Christmas. The game was fun for the first day and then on the second day it started to malfunction. The computer inside the gun slowly started not working, by the end of the second day he couldn't hunt at all. We returned the gun to Amazon.com where it was purchased. We then bought the same game from Walmart. We brought it home today and it didn't...
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By anonymous; - Jan 4, 2008

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