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When it comes to music and rhythm games, Wii Music stands in a class of its own. Unlike other music games, which penalize players if they don't play perfectly, Wii Music is a musical playground where there are no mistakes. Here anyone can pick up and master the huge array of instruments available, through simple motions like strumming and drumming. Musicians in your band jam by simply playing their instruments to the beat of a song or by improvising to their heart's content. Play faster. Play slower. Skip a beat, or throw in 10 more. No matter what you do, Wii Music automatically transforms your improv stylings into great music.


Product Title: Computers America Wii Music

Manufacturer: Computers America

Lowest Price: $78.99 from Quill

Power Score: 3.9 | 5 Reviews

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Different, but Good

Strengths: Lots of instrument choices, lots of freedom.

Weakness: Doesn't conform to genre expectations. No vocals. Most songs are locked away to start.

Wii Music is a thoroughly unique take on the music game genre. Unlike the Guitar Hero types, Wii Music isn't about beating levels or getting high scores - it's about making good music. To accomplish that, players actually have to dive into the built-in musical theory lessons and practice. While it's not for everyone, Wii Music is a well-done and fresh take on a crowded genre.

By yakkotank - Nov 11, 2008

nice game

Strengths: its really colorful and nice and fun

Weakness: cost to much

i like this game because it fits the consle.its for everyone and i actually enjoyed can't win or lose thats good.i've been trying to play the cornet for like a 2 months now.i thought this was a really good game

By anonymous; - Oct 24, 2008

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By - Dec 3, 2008

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By - Nov 3, 2008

Wii Music

Wii Music is a video game which puts you and your friends in the roll of both composer and conductor of a soloist or 4 player band. With up to 60 instruments, the game utilizes both nunchuck and Wii balance board to control individual instruments through natural movements and motions. Introduced in 2005 at the Tokyo Game Show conference and shown off at the E3 2006, the official release date has...
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By - Apr 14, 2009

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