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Customer Alert:Due to the popularity of the Seagrass Meditation Chair, we are out of stock. A new stock of Seagrass Meditation Chairs are currently being handcrafted in Indonesia and we will have them in stock around the middle of August, 2009.Ensure you receive Seagrass Meditation Chair!We are accepting orders for the Seagrass Meditation Chair and all orders received will be put in the queue for shipping the moment our restocking order arrives. Please know that your credit card will not be charged until your order ships.Meditate in contemplative harmonious beauty in the Seagrass Meditation Chair.Description: Seagrass Meditation ChairThe newly redesigned Seagrass Meditation Chair has been improved with a slightly larger size, which accommodates a wider variety of body types! Chair Dimensions:31 Wide x 29 Deep x 22 TallSeat Dimensions:28.5 Wide x 24.5 DeepGround to Seat Height - 8.5Cushion Dimensions:Seat Cushion: 2.5 Thick x 28.5 Wide x 24 DeepBack Cushion: 2.5 Thick x 28.5 Wide x 13 TallThe backrest of the Seagrass Meditation Chair is tilted at 3 degrees which allows for the correct posture for meditation.The newly redesigned Seagrass Meditation Chair has a deeper curve in the seat to better support the knees in cross legged position. Click image for larger photo2 piece style cushions with removeable washable unbleached cotton covers. Cushion color: Natural unbleached 100% white cotton. Cushion filling is all natural Kapok. The legs of the Seagrass Meditation Chair are Mango Wood with a clear natural water-based lacquer finish. If you would like us to mail a swatch of the woven Seagrass to view the color first hand, please e-mail us or call us. We would be happy to mail a sample seagrass swatch. Designed by a long time practitioner of meditation the Seagrass Low Meditation Chair was inspired by a need to sit comfortably while in contemplation.While sitting lotus style on the floor provides an unmatched sense of grounding the contemporary westerner often needs something more supportive.By lifting the hips a comfortable distance from the floor this low profile chair allows the legs to rest more naturally. The feet and ankles can be crossed on the floor or pulled up on the cushion in the traditional style of the East.In addition the sturdy back rest and pillow provide just the support needed making the Seagrass Meditation Chair the perfect platform for a peaceful sitting experience.Above meditating in harmonious beauty, the Seagrass Chair is a great piece to create unique seating arrangements. Woven by Indonesian craftsmen from renewable seagrass over a sturdy mango wood frame the Seagrass Meditation Chair was designed to be both a stylish and ecological addition to your home. The use of washable cotton cushion covers makes the design more practical as children love these chairs too. Unlike anything else the Seagrass Meditation chair along with the Harmony Meditation Loveseat with the accessories define any space where simplicity and harmony is your vision.All natural materials make it easy on you and the environment.1 Year Warranty on Materials and WorkmanshipNote to customers: The Seagrass Meditation Chair is a handcrafted chair that does have a weight limit of about 200 pounds. If the chair will be used by a person that weighs over 250 pounds, please let us know and we can have the chair reinforced at no extra charge.-- Information On Mango Wood ProductsFrom Our Hands to YoursResponsible Management of this Valuable ResourceMango Wood ProductsMango wood products are made from the same trees that produce the popular tropical mango fruit. When a mango tree reaches 20 to 30 years of age the fruits are no longer suitable for commercial use. These older trees are harvested and replaced with young trees in a process that sustains the mango forests and provides indefinite fruit and employment for the mango growers and a continual supply of the very best wood for the craftsmen that produce mango wood products. Responsible management of this valuable resource is good for the environment, good for the economy and maintains valuable green space.  Customer Alert:Please note that the Seagrass Meditation Chair does not qualify for free shipping. In the past, we were able to offer free shipping for all our meditation furniture. However recently all shipping couriers have increased their shipping rates considerably. Unfortunately, we have had to pass a fraction of the total cost of shipping of the Seagrass Meditation Chair to the customer. The shipping charge for the Seagrass Meditation Chair is $15.00 per chair for shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. We regret not being able to absorb the increase in shipping rates for our meditation furniture in full.


Product Title: Seagrass Meditation Chair

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