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Somehow, we found a way to improve the award-winning Commercial 1750 treadmill. It still has the integrated tablet Powered by Android(TM) and built-in speakers for workout-inspiring sound. We kept the 1-Touch(TM) speed, incline and decline controls. It's got the same 3.50 CHP commercial motor for quiet, smooth treadmill training. What's new? Runners Flex(TM) adjustable cushioning, our most innovative deck cushioning, an integrated iPad(R) holder, and awe-inspiring HD video workouts.

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Product Title: NordicTrack - Commercial 1750

Manufacturer: NordicTrack

Power Score: 1.0 | 2 Reviews

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Inaccurate Speed!

This has been probably one of the worst treadmills that I have ever owned, for the mere fact that the speed is inaccurate. Some days I can barely run 6 miles around 7.5 mph and other days I have to turn it up to almost 9 mph and I feel like I’m running at the same speed. I thought I was going nuts, so I took my bike which has a speedometer and found out that it can be anywhere from .5 mph to...
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By tracyfalslev@yahoo.com_5110787 - Nov 5, 2013

Key To Getting A Refund From NordicTrack Is Persistence

Strengths: It's only strength that we experienced is that it's made of steel.

Weakness: Doesn't work.

If you are being screwed by NordicTrack or their parent company Icon Industries because of faulty equipment I advise you to call your credit card company, start a dispute and get a full refund before the warranty runs out. DO NOT! buy an extended warranty from them, it will just hamper the refund process. It will be a long process but dont give up, thats what they want, tell them that the machine...
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By anonymous; - Apr 12, 2013

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