Lights Up! Sportspower 12ft Trampoline with 3-Arch Enclosure and Flash Light Zone

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Turn Up The Bounce Power On A 12 Foot Trampoline With 3 Arch Enclosure And Light-Activated Jumping SurfaceWhen you select a Sportspower 12 ft trampoline with 3 arch enclosure supports, you know that fun will follow. With safety at the forefront, this backyard setup is one that your child will want to use every day. Great for exercise and muscle development, the reflexive surface, which offers an exceptional centered bounce, is designed for a single user. The excitement begins with each jump when the Flash Light Zone activates. Installed underneath the jumping pad, this feature is more than just cool. It also helps your child focus on form and proper landing. Padding also covers the outer rim to prevent accidental pinching when accessing or leaving the trampoline s surface.A 12 feet trampoline with 3 arch enclosure framing also incorporates additional safety components. Tubular steel at the base is exposed while the high-rise supports feature custom-fitted padding starting at the rim and running across the top. Netting, which forms a full surround that falls just inside the padded perimeter, provides a see-through view so that you can observe while your child enjoys fresh air. A zip-and-clip closure at one side is easy for kids or adults to maneuver. With plenty of bounce power, a trampoline is an excellent activity choice with proper supervision.


Product Title: Lights Up! Sportspower 12ft Trampoline with 3-Arch Enclosure and Flash Light Zone

Manufacturer: Lights Up!

Power Score: 5 | 0 Reviews

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