Wilson Juice 100L Tennis Racquet

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The L stands for light in the latest rendition of the highly popular Wilson BLX Juice line Weighing in 1 full ounce less than the standard Juice 100 frame the Wilson Juice 100L is designed for maximum racquet acceleration which in turn provides added power and spin The 4points head heavy balance stabilizes the frame on offcenter hits while also providing plenty of plowthrough from the baseline A 265mm Dual Taper Beam minimizes flex and energy loss at impact for maximum power and stability in the shoulder and shaft area while Double Hole grommets increase ball pocketing and Amplifeel 360 takes away unwanted vibrations Women and juniors looking for Juice power and spin that swings a bit easier should try the Juice 100L today


Product Title: Wilson Juice 100L Tennis Racquet

Manufacturer: Wilson

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